Before / After: A 60m2 bachelor apartment reviewed and corrected

Before / After: A 60m2 bachelor apartment reviewed and corrected

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Poorly distributed space, obsolete kitchen and water room, unsuitable room size ... These are the drawbacks often associated with apartments from the Haussmann era. As lifestyles have evolved in recent decades, the needs in terms of living space are no longer the same today. This is the case of this dark and ill-organized bachelor apartment, located rue Monge in Paris: its owner wanted to give a new glow to the whole without losing the charm brought by the original elements. Successful bet for the RMGB agency to which the project was entrusted! After 13 weeks of work, this beautiful 60m2 sports a new aesthetic as functional as contemporary, consolidated by a clever redistribution of space. Explanations in pictures.

Open up to create a large living room

Before : The living room and the dining room are separated into two very distinct rooms, small and dark. After : First step for the architects Guillaume Gibert and Baptiste Rischmann: knocking down the partition that separates the two rooms in order to create a unique, spacious and bright living room. Thanks to this simple modification, the entrance and the kitchen (newly positioned in the center of the apartment) also benefit from natural light from the living room. On the decorative side, the original parquet - worn and old-fashioned - has been replaced by solid oak covering laid diagonally. To contrast with the very Haussmannian atmosphere of the place, the decorators opted for ultra-designer furniture. The Tulip table edited by Knoll, the Houdini chairs by Stefan Diez, the LCM low chair by Charles & Ray Eames and the Fantasma Shelving shelves blend harmoniously into the new decor while leaving plenty of room for light and traffic.

Clean the decoration as much as possible

Before : The decor style is rather classic and impersonal. The numerous family furniture clutter and darken the living rooms. After : The RMGB agency favors the essentials so that the stay retains a refined, almost monastic appearance. The furniture - Hay sofa, EnoStudio coffee table and Crate Series armchair - has been carefully selected to revitalize the interior decoration. With their bright colors and rounded shapes, the furniture gives this large living room a new identity!

Highlight the library

Before : The library is overloaded and visually clutters the living room. After : The space devoted to books is replaced by a more confidential built-in niche, made to measure in matt lacquered wood. Better suited to the size of the living room, the colorful library becomes a decorative element in its own right, in which the owner can now store books and arty trinkets.

A kitchen redone from A to Z

Before : The kitchen has remained unchanged for several decades, with its aged cream-colored furniture and its large, somewhat sad earthenware tiles. Very badly located, it is isolated in a corner of the apartment and only accessible from the entrance hallway. After : The kitchen has taken possession of the bathroom - and vice versa - in order to communicate directly with the living room. With its matt lacquered wood finish and its niche made of Corian, it displays a radically different look from the old room!

Create a new, very functional corridor

Before : The bathroom communicates with the bedroom, but displays a totally outdated look. As for the toilets, they are difficult to access from the bedroom because they are isolated at the entrance to a long corridor. An important work of redistribution of spaces is to be considered. After : The architects opted for the partitioning of the opening between the bedroom and the bathroom, and moved the latter into the old kitchen. In order to optimize space, they have created a double dressing room that acts as a passage between the bedroom and the new bathroom: like a tunnel, this long corridor offers a very aesthetic perspective as well as 'a surprising depth play on the toilet space.