Wooden window: how to renovate it?

Wooden window: how to renovate it?

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Humidity is the biggest enemy of wooden windows. Because of the rain, the wood tends to warp. Moreover, when it is wet, the wood is quickly invaded by mold or by termites. However, it is a noble material which is very popular in ancient constructions. It is therefore advisable to learn the right techniques to renovate a wooden window. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation for window installation works

Renovate a wooden window: I repair the frame

Before starting the renovation work, it is important to protect your entire workspace, by installing tarpaulins on the floor. You can then dismantle the window frame, to put it on top of two trestles. On a window, the frame is the compact frame that serves as a support for the glazing. To successfully renovate a wooden window, it is essential to remove the edges that are worn and that make the window ugly. You can replace these edges with new pieces of wood. Do not forget to remove the old paint which is probably chipped, using a painting knife. Then remove the rotten wood at the joints, with great delicacy. The next step is to remove all seals from the window. It will be necessary to repair those who have lost their original shape and who are beginning to invade the rotting wood. To do this, you just need to use putty. As for intact seals, they must be reattached in their place. It is possible that the cross member is slightly dislocated; you can readjust it using a clamp and shims. Fill all cavities with additional sealant. Remember to clean the dry putty, before covering the entire wooden surface of the window with a layer of protective paint.

Renovate a wooden window: I repair the damaged trim

Window treatments generally remain stable. However, sometimes they wear out, especially when the screws that secure the wooden support are no longer perfectly sealed. Start by removing the screws, as well as the metal remains. If the screw holes have been drilled by you, do not hesitate to sanitize them using a drill, before resealing them with putty, or using a cut wooden dowel and smoothed.

Renovate a wooden window: I replace the external frame

Using a circular saw, detach the frame from your wall. You will then need wood scissors to clean the edges of the frame. Then shape a new exterior frame, respecting the measurements of the old frame. Remember to smooth the surface before placing it in place. Put waterproof putty or glue on the support and polish the finish with wood pulp.