What colors go well with yellow?

What colors go well with yellow?

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Bright, warm, yellow is a color highly appreciated in interiors. Lemon yellow, mustard yellow, sun yellow ... its different shades make it a shade that can be applied alone or married to other colors. To help you accompany it with style, the editor gives you some tips.

Yellow + black

To create a real contrast in a room, the ideal is to associate a dark color with another which throws. The yellow and the black, however very different, like each other on the condition of matching them correctly. Prefer yellow in small touches and let black, more sober, do its work. In which room ? The kitchen

Yellow + pink

You wouldn't necessarily think about it, and yet yellow goes perfectly with pink. On the wall for example, do not hesitate to install them in a pretty sun yellow and a delicate salmon pink side by side! They'll give your room a summery look in the blink of an eye. You can also add notes of pale pink with decorative items or household linen. In which room ? Children's room

Yellow + red

Are you a fan of the colorful and cheerful interiors of the 70s? So here is the perfect combination to recreate this atmosphere at home: mustard yellow and bright red! Yellow of course takes place on the walls while red settles in the room with the sofa, the sideboard or even the small accessories. In which room ? The living room

Yellow + pinkish beige

As you have no doubt understood, we can easily combine all of the pastel colors. If you have bet on a pale yellow wall in your room, you can accompany it with a delicate peach or pinkish beige color to complete the desired soft atmosphere. In which room ? The living room


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