Meet the designer of Call me spring

Meet the designer of Call me spring

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Fresh and colorful fabrics like spring, a young dapper designer full of ideas… We went to meet Camille, designer of Call me spring. Camille created her boutique just a year ago: Call me spring. It all started when Camille moved to Lyon. Not finding cushions in the trade for her taste and budget, she began to sew. It starts by hand, before having its own machine. But Camille no longer had enough space on her sofas and armchairs to accommodate new creations… Call me spring arrived.

Camille in her sewing machine workshop

The common thread of Call me spring: that the universes of parents and children are transverse. "I wanted to break the childish side," says the young designer. Challenge met with a very nice choice of Scandinavian-inspired graphic fabrics.

Cover: 739835 Pastels / Marine kit

And it is this quest for beautiful fabrics that lead Camille in her creations - we should also add that a large part of the fabrics used have been awarded the GOTS label, a global benchmark for organic textiles.

Basic cushions / chevron cushion

In parallel with his creations in very limited series, we will soon be able to find a permanent black and white collection entitled "basics". Anyway, Camille is a designer to follow! Find on Camille's tutorial and the Instagram contest to win this pretty basket.


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