Before / After: modernizing a Haussmannian apartment

Before / After: modernizing a Haussmannian apartment

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Located in the heart of the city of Annecy, Sabine's apartment has many highly sought-after assets: beautiful volumes, old parquet floors, lots of light… However, these were not highlighted and the whole lacked freshness and consistency. The owner of the premises therefore called on the decorators from the Bel Ordinaire agency, which specializes in interior decoration and the sale of old objects and furniture. The challenge ? Give a more contemporary touch to this beautiful Haussmannian apartment, while revealing the taste of the hostess for travel. The two founders of Bel Ordinaire therefore kept the volumes and redefined the spaces by playing only on furniture and accessories, in order to revive the classic architecture and enhance each of the pieces.

Mix of styles in the living room

Before : The surface of the living room is almost entirely occupied by the large dining table, which is only used on rare occasions: the whole is rough and lacks consistency. As for the dark wooden windows, they are weighed down by large curtains which have no real use. After : The living room adopts a very successful Mix & Match style: the room has been brightened by cream and pale yellow tones which make it fresher and more convivial. In order to better respond to the owner's lifestyle, the little-used dining room has become a convivial "dining room". The crumpled linen corner sofa and the Eames armchair are organized around the majestic Zettel Z lamp by Ingo Maurer. The search for light and natural materials were privileged in this space conducive to rest.

An office modernized with iconic pieces

Before : The lounge space encroaches on that devoted to work. The office, badly arranged, is confined to a corner of the room. The decorators of Bel Ordinaire chose to restore its primary function to this large, luminous room by keeping a large space for the office and arranging the rest of the room in a library. After : In a contemporary and sophisticated spirit, the office-library punctuated with black furniture elements accommodates a Copenhagen work table by the Bouroullec brothers as well as an armchair signed Eames. In addition, there are references to the past such as the modular library from the 70s, the Componibili storage or the Womb Chair by Saarinen, which bring a nice contemporary touch to the whole. The circulation becomes much easier, and each element naturally finds its place in this large volume.

A romantic style bedroom revisited

Before : The sleeping area, cluttered with thick curtains and an XXL pendant lamp, suffers from an obvious lack of style and freshness. After : The revisited romantic bedroom combines a wrought iron bed, wardrobe and old bench with cushions and a custom-made quilt. The walls are enlivened by a multitude of designer coat hooks that allow accessories to be stored in style. Around the short bed a cloud of frames to be completed over time. Agence Bel Ordinary [email protected] 07 78 26 24 54