4 grandmother's tips for cleaning your windows

4 grandmother's tips for cleaning your windows

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Cleaning your windows turns out to be a real chore that is often pushed back until the last moment. Once launched, you can get discouraged faster because of the many traces that remain after the passage of the cloth. To give you a little courage and above all to offer you an impeccable result, the editorial staff offers you 4 effective and easy-to-carry grandmother tips!

Tip 1: white vinegar

A real household ally in any room of the house, white vinegar proves to be the ideal product for cleaning your windows. To do this, mix 750ml of warm water with 250ml of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Clean with a sponge and wipe with a normal cloth without rinsing. The result is impeccable!

Tip 2: Newsprint

And yes ! Newsprint turns out to be an excellent cleaner for your windows at a lower cost. If you bet on this method, it is enough to slightly wet your windows then to rub with the newspaper. Unlike cloths, it is very absorbent and does not leave lint. The plus: the lead contained in the inks gives your windows all their shine.

Tip 3: washing up liquid

Since we always have washing up liquid on hand, this grandmother's solution is surely one of the simplest to make. Dilute a small amount in hot water, add a teaspoon of white vinegar and mix everything. Clean with a small sponge and rinse thoroughly with water. Windows without streaks guaranteed!

Tip 4: lemon juice

On the same principle as white vinegar, mix lemon juice with hot water. Soak a ball of newspaper with your composition and rub your windows. No need to rinse or wipe!