6 grandmother's tips for successful donuts

6 grandmother's tips for successful donuts

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Traditionally tasted on Mardi Gras, on the occasion of the carnival which takes place there every year, donuts are prepared in many ways. Berlin balls, donuts, bugnes, West Indian donuts, atria, nun farts ... the choice is vast and adapts to the tastes and desires of gourmets around the world. So, to be sure not to commit an odd mistake when making your donuts, here are some tips and advice for a flawless one!

Tip n ° 1: Successful frying

Do you like the soft, crunchy or brioche side of donuts? To obtain such a texture, know that the choice of oil is an important even essential element for the success of your sweet treats. Certain oils are to be avoided! This is the case for palm oil, coconut oil and vegetable oil which are too saturated and do not support frying well. Prefer grape seed oil which withstands heat very well and gives excellent results in terms of frying. Otherwise you can also opt for peanut or sunflower oil which also works very well, but remains less light in terms of texture.

Tip 2: The different yeasts

Each recipe for donuts has its own type of yeast. You will fall for the brioche, thick and soft texture of the donuts, opt for baker's yeast! Note, however, that the rest time required for the dough is quite long and requires several hours in front of you. For soft and crispy donuts, prefer to use baking powder which has the characteristic of swelling the donuts during cooking. Our advice? Choose the recipe according to the time you have and your tastes.

Tip 3: Choosing the liquid

Milk, sparkling water or beer ... the liquid used is also very important. For a light dough, prefer beer or sparkling water. Otherwise, know that cold water also does the trick. As for milk, it has the particularity of weighing down the dough but, on the contrary, brings more softness. Finally, do not forget that it is possible to mix the elements by adding to your preparation a half of milk and another composed of one of the three liquids previously mentioned to obtain a different texture.

Tip n ° 4: Blow your donuts

When cooking, so that your donuts are fried on both sides, the trick is to take a tablespoon and drizzle them with their oil. Blown in this way, they will double their volume in the blink of an eye. An idea to remember!

Tip 5: The draining phase

If there is one thing that you dread when making donuts, it is getting burned. So, once cooked, arm yourself with a skimmer to remove them from the frying oil without going through the burns box. Also, don't forget to take absorbent paper to remove the excess oil.

Tip n ° 6: When to sprinkle your donuts with sugar?

With the donuts drained and cooled, it's time to add sugar on top of each one. Classic or iced sugar, don't forget this step! If you sprinkle your donuts with sugar, straight out of the fryer, the sugar will be absorbed and you're not done putting it over and over again! A key word therefore: patience!