Brandt's vintage washing machines

Brandt's vintage washing machines

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The vintage style is more than ever in tune with the times, Brandt has well noticed, and this is how the 8kg vintage washing machine was born. In a fifties spirit assumed and claimed, this washing machine nevertheless retains its many capacities. We tell you a little more about this new model imagined by Brandt.

The washing machine as a decorative object

Household appliances are no longer part of the objects that we hide because it is not pretty. Times have changed, and now it becomes a decorative object in its own right. With its new washing machine, available in four colors, Brandt has fun with pastel colors: baby pink, light blue, water green or pale yellow, everyone will find the best color for their laundry room or kitchen. In addition to being decorative, this washing machine is functional and ultra practical with economical programs and a porthole opening 180 degrees, without forgetting a "Memo" function to automatically memorize the most often used programming. Difficult not to succumb to this washing machine which makes us forget the classic household appliances to which we did not necessarily pay much attention.

A long list of features and powerful programs

With this washing machine, the assets are outside as well as inside. Indeed, it offers many programs like the one provided for babies, which promises impeccable laundry and devoid of any trace of detergent. Secretaries or other professions who need to wear a shirt every day know the drudgery of washing them when they are mostly lightly soiled. The economic program of 1:15 will change their lives! Athletes are also not forgotten. A very effective recipe which combines respect for the fibers and hygiene is available and therefore makes it possible to remove encrusted stains without denaturing elastic and fragile materials. For those in a hurry, there is the flash version which washes, rinses and spins 2 to 3 lightly soiled parts in just 21 minutes. Finally, for sheets and towels, a program allows them to preserve their inflated and soft side. And in addition it has the best energy efficiency rating, A +++, 30% more economical than a class A washing machine. What more could you ask for?
Washing machine also available in red, black and white Dim.: H 85 x W 59.5 x D 56.5 cm 550 euros More info on