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. The Cemex extension for Angel's studio: Slabs and foundations for extensions and home office: 33 m3 of self-compacting concrete with metallic fibers (Advanci Métal Dalle, and Advanci Métal Fondation) for the foundations and the slab of the room. Pouring carried out using a pump mixer truck. These handling products and tools greatly facilitate the implementation of concrete and eliminate the use of a welded mesh in concrete (welded mesh = steel to reinforce concrete slabs). Walls for the creation of the room made using the Thermoform process. The Thermoform solution offered by Cemex combines the high performance of two building materials. This innovative system is composed of insulating formwork blocks in expanded polystyrene (EPS) dry-mounted and concrete poured inside (5m3 of CXB Solibloc concrete for this site). The built wall thus combines the very insulating power of expanded polystyrene (interior and exterior insulation), inertia, the sound qualities (35% higher than concrete block) and the very high resistance of reinforced concrete. The combination of these two materials makes these constructions monolithic structures with high thermal performance (up to R = 8.6m².K / W) and excellent air tightness. In addition, the interior and exterior insulation ensures the elimination of all thermal bridges: all its qualities make it possible to significantly reduce the energy bill, and to increase the interior comfort of the home. Thanks to the large size of these blocks, and their lightness, construction is very quick and effortless: one block is equivalent to 11 blocks and weighs only 6 kg. CEMEX Concrete Contacts: North West Region: [email protected] Ile-de-France Region: [email protected] Center West Region: [email protected] Rhône Alpes South East Region: frederic .bernad @ South West Region: [email protected] Cemex partner for mounting the blocks: SPHERISO specialist in ecological constructions meeting RT2012 standards by offering bioclimatic houses using the Thermoform system (insulating formwork block) for this purpose. contact: [email protected] The wooden extension - supply and installation of walls and structural elements for the extension, with reservation for openings. - Supply and installation of interior insulation for walls and ceilings. - Supply of under-roof coverings. SAS LE DREIN COURGEON Zone Industrielle Voie Nouvelle 28 200 MARBOUE T: 02 37 96 17 59 F: 02 37 96 17 61 @: [email protected] // // www. //


. Isoltop: The New Generation Floor! Isoltop is a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of light and insulating beams for the construction or renovation of floors. Isoltop is revolutionizing the world of building materials by offering innovative solutions for all types of floors, thanks in particular to its patented PSI beams. The innovation of this product is the use of a polyurethane foam in its lower part which allows this beam to benefit from a lightness (2 to 5Kg / ml) and an exceptional thermal insulation. Participation for the show: Supply of a terrace roof floor with beams and insulating interjoists. Advantages: - Installation made easier by the lightness of the products. (The Isoltop beam is 4 to 6 times lighter than a concrete beam.) - The only insulating beam on the market, without thermal bridge. - Security: Less strenuousness / Floor under CSTB Technical Advice - Ideal for new and renovated Isoltop More information: // Mail: [email protected] Phone: 04 90 23 52 42 Address: Isoltop ZAC du Plan 191 Av du Counoise 84320 Entraigues sur la Sorgue France


. WALLTITE®, the purple sprayed polyurethane insulation has been developed by BASF® since 1987 in Canada. In France, the MIRBAT Group is the exclusive distributor. WALLTITE® is reinvention of insulation. This polyurethane process sprayed on site is the only custom insulation that ensures high thermal performance and creates an airtight barrier without rupture or seal. It is the ideal solution to meet and even exceed the requirements of RT 2012 in a single intervention with an assurance of optimal result not dependent on a possible failure to implement. The removal of the connections between plates or rolls of insulation guarantees that the entire treated surface will be completely insulated and that there will be no thermal bridge. WALLTITE® is respectful of the environment and benefits from A + health labeling. A wall insulated by WALLTITE® can receive all types of classic counter-partitions made of traditional bricks or plasterboard. For more information and to find out about the WALLTITE® applicator in your region and the other innovative building solutions available to you, visit the website: Walltite® website: // MIRBAT Group - Exclusive distributor FRANCE 6 883 route de Marseille 84 140 MONTFAVET Tel: 04 90 23 10 40 e-mail: [email protected] Contact a reseller: // KEMPEROL® liquid waterproofing for flat roofs: The KEMPEROL® liquid waterproofing system is a waterproofing process carried out with a liquid resin reinforced without solvent (therefore odorless) and cold (therefore without the need to heat). The + product: - A waterproofing resin produced on site and without joints Based on the use of a liquid resin, the KEMPEROL® waterproofing coating is formed on site (in situ) without any joints or soldering. There is therefore no flaw for possible water infiltration. Thanks to its textile veil incorporated into the resin, KEMPEROL® forms a real waterproof coating of constant thickness. - A waterproof seal over time KEMPEROL® waterproofness resists cracking, UV rays, deviations from -30 ° to + 90 ° C, root penetration, chemical attack, over at least 25 years (service life certified in Technical Approval European) - Versatile sealing Whether new or under renovation, KEMPEROL® adheres fully to traditional substrates (concrete, mortar, tiles, metal, glass, wood panels, insulation, etc.) or other waterproofing (bitumen, asphalt, synthetic membrane), conforming to shapes and forms. more complex. It accepts all planting processes. - A quick "fresh on fresh" application: The resin is mixed and then poured onto the support. It is rolled out and a textile veil is incorporated which serves as a guide for laying. We saturate it with resin until it becomes shiny. The waterproofing is carried out in 1 single intervention. - The advantages of flat roofs Thanks to its liquid form and its textile veil, the KEMPEROL® waterproofing easily seals the statements or even the flat roof windows (here of the VELUX brand) while not overloading the structures (2.5 kg / m²). - Proven and certified system Applied for over 50 years, KEMPEROL® systems benefit from CE Marking, European Technical Approval (A.T.E.), Technical Advice from C.S.T.B. KEMPEROL obtains the maximum classification of all categories of the A.T.E. The works are thus accessible under a ten-year guarantee. - A solution with an environmental approach : Coming from 80% of a renewable resource, KEMPEROL® is solvent and odorless, classified A + in VOC emission, referenced Greenbuilding and in adequacy with LEED, BREAM or HQE certified constructions. For more information : // To view the application of KEMPEROL liquid waterproofing: // The company: KEMPER SYSTEM France: experts at the sealing and protection of the building. Specialist and world leader in reinforced liquid waterproofing for over 50 years, KEMPER SYSTEM (formerly known as KEMCO TRIXA) offers liquid waterproofing systems that precisely cover each need: - Waterproofing of flat and flat roofs - Waterproofing of parking lots , - Sealing of terraces, - Sealing of damp rooms (kitchens, sanitary facilities, etc.), - Sealing of swimming pools - Sealing of basins and fountains - Sealing of terraces and balconies. In new as in rehabilitation, KEMPEROL systems adapt to all supports, whatever their nature or geometry, thanks to their specific characteristics, with exceptional performance. The systems are certified (CE marking, Technical Opinion, Targeted technical clauses notebooks), and implemented by a network of specialized, approved and trained contractors. This makes it possible to ensure the correct implementation of the liquid waterproofing systems, according to precise know-how, and to access the ten-year guarantee of the watertightness of the works carried out. The coordinates: KEMPER SYSTEM France 20 rue Fresnel 78310 Coignières Tel: 01 30 49 19 49 Mail: [email protected] Site: Regarding the application of KEMPEROL® liquid waterproofing: The waterproofing of flat roofs of the WAIBEL family was carried out by DSL Waterproofing. This company based in the southwest specializes in traditional roofing and installation of waterproofing systems. DSL ETANCHEITE has insulated and waterproofed flat roofs with polystyrene panels, and KEMPEROL® liquid waterproofing. DSL ETANCHEITE is a company specializing in the waterproofing of flat and / or low-pitched roofs, as well as the installation of green roofs. You can contact us By phone at 06-84-08-55-67 Or by post for the study of your projects 58 avenue de Galgon, BP 40 012, 33 140 VILLEB + NAVE D'ORNON Or by email to david @ Insulated the south and north slopes of the house with an injection of polystyrene microbeads with an acrylic-based binder according to the Inject Styrene process. The customer is left with an insulation thickness of 25cm and 28cm in certain places which makes a thermal resistance between 6.5 and 7 m² K / W. It is an insulator totally breathable with water vapor; which is injected everywhere without cutting; which does not make a thermal bridge; durable over time. You will find in attachments the files concerning the homologation of the product which for a few days has a technical opinion from CSTB and soon its own acermi. The National brand is INJECT STYRENE managed by David Tavarner. David Tavarner 06 85 93 10 67 [email protected]


. Installation of THERMART insulating and decorative panels outdoors. STAR GRAY models, thickness 55 mm, thermal resistance of 1.8 m² K / W. Very quick and practical to install with mechanical fixings or by gluing indoors or outdoors. THERMART Tel: 01 60 67 13 38 Mail: [email protected]


. Newhedge pavers - Gray color Easy to lay, NEWHEDGE pavers are the ideal solution for perfecting a driveway or fitting out a garage entrance. A timeless look for a resolutely contemporary spirit and a garden without fault in taste. MARLUX 01 34 25 55 55 [email protected] The paving of the exterior courtyard. SARL MAT'ENVIRONNEMENT Website: (Paving, paving, fence, gate) 120 ROUTE D'ORLEANS 45110 CHATEAUNEUF SUR LOIRE Tel 02 38 46 21 00 FAX 02 38 46 21 22 Mail: [email protected] Flamed Chinese blue stone slabs Natural limestone mass with flamed non-slip finish perfect for outdoors. It has a modern gray nuance. STONE AND SOIL Pierre & Sol distributes the materials for the ground, the walls, the construction, the garden, the exterior, the terraces,… in the form of slabs, tiles and paving stones in Belgian and Asian blue stones, white stone, granite, porphyry, terracotta, concrete, sandstone, basalt, tomettes, recovery pavers, street pavers, ceramics… Pierre & Sol handles imports and exports from Asia, Europe, French overseas departments and territories ,… And delivery in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy,… 442, chaussée de Lille 7500 Tournai Belgium (by appointment) Tel from France: Tel 00 32 69 54 99 06 Fax 00 32 69 54 99 01 [email protected] Rolled grass guarantees an immediate and beautiful result! By choosing the rolled grass you choose a healthy ready-to-lay, dense and weed-free grass, unrolled and laid. Resistant to trampling and tearing, this rolled grass is also ideal for play areas where young and old can indulge in their favorite sports. Find all the information, advice and prices on our site: // THE GRASSES OF FONTAINEBLEAU The lawns of fontainebleau Chemin de l'Etang 77780 BOURRON MARLOTTE Tel: Mail: [email protected]


. The exterior lighting of the house is studied and supplied by the company Light My Place . For your garden, plant subject or your terrace to highlight, our site suggests products techniques or Decorative at very affordable prices! With the support of design office in lighting Genilum, we study your project on demand according to the layout of your exterior and your budget . We offer you the appropriate equipment among a large choice recessed spotlights, projectors, wall lights, solar lights, design lamps, floor lamps and garlands ... Find below the articles present in the show: - ANGLE LED wall lamp in anthracite gray in cast steel - The round floor recess with easy and quick connection For any request, contact us on [email protected] or on LIGHT MY PLACE // Genilum: // Facebook: // Garden light ball 50 cm Thanks to this 50 cm LED light ball, create an ambiance in your garden, chic by day, magical by night. With a simple press on its remote control, change color according to your mood (up to 16 colors). When it is not connected to the mains, this rechargeable luminous ball can go from the house to the garden because it is waterproof against splashing water. Its autonomy of 8 hours will allow you to enjoy it several evenings during. SUMMER LIVING ROOM // LED LIGHT EGGS 68CM BY LIVEDECO.COM Dress your garden or your interior with a real contemporary sculpture. Thanks to this "JAJKO" LED table lamp, the light of designer furniture will be at home. With a pure line and a high quality finish thanks to its manufacture by rotational molding, its velvet touch and its angelic complexion will seduce your guests. The "JAJKO" table lamp has an integrated waterproofing system as well as an ANTI UV treatment which will allow your garden to sparkle with the seasons. A variation of 16 ambient colors is available to you, an intensity adjustment as well as several lighting modes can be chosen using its compact and light wireless remote control. And to achieve perfection, an integrated lithium battery will allow complete autonomy of this decorative work. Dimensions: 50 cm (diameter) x 68 cm (height). Material: roto molded plastic (molded in one piece) Weight: 2.50 Kg. Colors: 16 colors. Remote control: fades, flashes, fast, slow, multi-colors, mono-colors, ON / OFF ... Power supply: 220V to 5V charger (waterproof plug). Charging time: 3-4 hours. Standards: CE, FCC, IP65 Battery life: 6-8 hours (once charged). LIGHT PYRAMID LED "PYRAMIS" 48CM BY LIVEDECO.COM Create a Vintage atmosphere with this magnificent LED light lamp "PYRAMIS". This Decoration will blend perfectly into your interior, garden, restaurant, hotel or even during your event receptions. Equipped with a mains charger for continuous use, it also has a Lithium battery offering a range of 8 to 10 hours. This "PYRAMIS" LED light lamp has an integrated waterproofing system (IP54) to allow you to use it outside in all weathers! Remotely controllable, it will light up in 16 colors as desired. Get ready, the "PYRAMIS" LED light lamp is without a doubt, the revolution in designer furniture! Dimensions: 28 cm (base) x 48 cm (height). Material: roto molded plastic (molded in one piece) Weight: 1.50 Kg. Colors: 16 colors. Remote control: fades, flashes, fast, slow, multi-colors, mono-colors, ON / OFF ... Power supply: 220V to 5V charger (waterproof plug). Charging time: 3-4 hours. Standards: CE, FCC, IP65 Battery life: 8-10 hours (once charged). WWW.LIVEDECO.COM SHOWROOM 8 rue des Glairaux 38120 Saint-Egrève HOTLINE: [email protected] Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. NON'STOP Website: Wood and iron storm lamp LW1091-BROWN: - Square lantern with a wooden and glass body and an openwork metal upper part. It is opened from the side thanks to its brass system. You can put it down or hang it by its ring. Something new at L'Héritier du Temps !!!! - We have gone international, find us now on our new site and follow us on Facebook on our page L'Héritier du Temps - Development of the wholesaler activity: A site reserved exclusively for decoration professionals and a salesperson at your service - Launch of the new site at the end of December! More intuitive, more colorful, more trendy !!!!!!!!


. Class 3 treated wood cat enclosure. Contains 3 hexagons: - a large central with door - a climbing tower with polycarbonate roof - a shelter (connected to the room of cats by a screened tunnel) which includes 2 chattieres and 3 portholes plexiglass. Its roof is covered with bituminous shingles. Its door is in two leaves The whole rests on a treated chassis and leveling pads ZOOLOGIS enclosures & catteries Contact details: // Mail [email protected] ZOOPLUS - N ° 1 online pet store in Europe. The biggest brands at the best price The cat trees, baskets and cat toys chosen by the D&CO team for this show are among the hundreds of products offered by the cat shop on the site. offers more than 8000 products for: - dog : kibbles and boxes, accessories, treats, niches, cages, leashes and collars, pest control, toys, food supplements ... - cat: dry food, boxes and sachets, litter and toilet houses, cat trees and scratching posts, toys, transport cages… - bird : cages, accessories, food and treats… - fish: aquarium and technical equipment, filters and pumps, food… - rodent and ferret: food, litter, cages and accessories… - horse: food and care… Zooplus offers a huge choice at favorable prices all year round, plus the convenience of home delivery. From the biggest brands to the most specialized products, the online pet store offers everything that animals may need. ZOOPLUS.FR ONLINE PETS


. "Bel'm French leader in the front door, for the construction and renovation of individual houses. On this show, Bel'm presents a tailor-made composite set, around a solid front door in Steel 68+, new design, COUGAR and two fixed windows while sleeping. The composite set allows you to aesthetically integrate your door like in a jewel case and bring on an extension a welcoming and bright airlock. From the Louvre pyramid to electronic components, including vehicle chassis, Steel is THE essential material of our century. Robust, it combines all the advantages, even that of the price. • Budget advantage: wide choice of doors at affordable prices • Tailor-made: suitable for renovation with 3 types of frame, with two fixed frames being put forward while sleeping to adapt to the existing situation • Limited maintenance: with frame and aluminum glazing beads • Security: with 5-point automatic lock (2 rollers, 2 hooks, 1 dead pin), with security barrel and Bel'M keys and short handle to avoid opening with the key and the inconvenience of the door which slap and the keys that remain inside. • Optimal thermal performance: Ud = 0.78 • 5 year warranty on the 15 colors of the Steel color chart: choice of a light color, in relation to the exposure (dark colors are more prone to deformation). • Contemporary aesthetics: Bel'M exclusive stamping This door in anthracite gray (RAL 7004) brings modernity to the house and enhances the heritage property of the owners. Find all of our products on The site was laid by our client LELANDAIS Fermetures // Mr Jean-Christophe LELANDAIS Saint Maur des fossés (94100) Tel. : 01 70 82 60 67 Mail: [email protected] "It is the first composite material window made in France. It benefits from an exceptional thermal and sound insulation coefficient. Its fiber reinforced design gives it great strength for large dimensions but also great resistance to burglary attempts . The fineness of its profiles makes it possible to obtain a larger glazing surface therefore more luminosity. And finally, the icing on the cake is that it is customizable, you can change the color and the material of the central upright in order to change your "D&CO" according to your desires. " Art & Windows for manufacturing and Art & Windows 78 for installation The manufacturer network: Art & Windows tel: 0243621529, RUE HENRI VALLEE CS 20002 72350 BRULON Description of the network: "The commitment of the network of experts close to you Art & Fenêtres is a whole network of professionals, carpentry specialists and particularly committed to a quality approach, both in terms of reception and customer advice as in terms of site expertise and the installation of joinery. Our teams of professionals are there to help you carry out your project! Over 200 dealer stores, it's solid. Art & Windows has a large network created In 1994 made up exclusively of carpentry professionals, located throughout France, near you, these independent dealers guarantee you all the products from our factories and provide you with advice, service and expertise as well as excellent knowledge of the specificities of your region. They also offer you the choice of one of the widest ranges of products and finishes on the market. All are also committed to respe cter the Art & Windows ethics, based on a sense of hospitality, listening and transparency. " The installer: Art & Fenêtres 78 (8 stores to serve you: Viroflay, Marly le Roi, Voisin Le Bretonneux, Epône, Bonnières sur Seine, Villiers Saint Frédéric, Rambouillet, Coignières [email protected] Tel: // // // Description of the company: "Our company is committed to respecting your home with the desire to enhance it. Our tailor-made installations for new or renovation are installed by professionals in the rules of the art. Our company is qualified and referenced with numerous public, administrative and architectural organizations. Technical and commercial advisers are at your disposal for project studies and personalized financing. " 27mm Swing Shutters in Fir, Hinges counter-hinges, with high socket, Ral 7015 paint finish. THIEBAUT SHUTTERS Telephone: Mail: [email protected] Postal address: 801 rue de la Boudière - 88170 Dommartin-sur -Vraine The company Volets Thiebaut designs and manufactures hinged and sliding shutters, in Wood, PVC, Insulated and extruded Aluminum, for renovation or new construction projects. It also offers an additional range for exterior closings, garage doors & hinged service doors, pre-frames, motorization, etc. JLC45, so that your renovation projects rhyme successfully Trends, ideas, advice, JLC45 has answers to all your questions to help you renovate your home. JLC45 informs you about the aids to the improvement of the habitat which you could benefit for your projects.


. Motorize your swing shutters, have you thought about it? Close its shutters every night, lean out of the window in freezing cold, a real chore! For more comfort, the solution is motorization! 4 good reasons to choose Somfy engines… The art and the way of pilot Comfortable and so practical! With a single remote control, you can open your shutters separately or all together. A power outage ? Your shutters open and close thanks to the integrated battery. A flowerpot or something on the windowsill? Security blocks the mechanism. Your shutter does not force. More security! In the closed position, the flaps are blocked. Centralize all your shutters on a single remote control. Even for a short absence, you will not forget any of them. You can also do presence simulation. For example, during your vacation, by opening your shutters at scheduled times, as if you were there! Discreet for perfect integration! Aesthetic and silent, the SOMFY motorization respects the cachet of your facade. Available in 5 standard shades (Green Red Brown Ivory White) or with the color of your choice on order, it easily blends with your shutters. More energy savings! In winter, schedule your shutters to close at nightfall to strengthen the window insulation. Up to 10% savings on your heating bill! In summer, thanks to a sun sensor installed on your facade, your shutters close when the sun beats to preserve the freshness in the house ... Up to 9 ° lower! To manage each component individually The SMOOVE touch and design wall control is positioned near the window to open and close your shutters. It harmonizes with your interior. To close everything with your smartphone The TaHoma home automation box allows you to create scenarios adapted to your lifestyle. For example, when you go to work in the morning, shut down your whole house with a single gesture, roller shutters, swing shutters, garage door, gate ..., turn off the lights, turn down the heating and activate the alarm! TaHoma home automation box by Somfy SOMFY motors are suitable for all types of swing shutters, new or existing, in wood, PVC or aluminum, from 1 to 4 leaves. Single leaf swing shutters For small windows. 2-leaf swing shutters It is the most common version. Hinged shutters 3 or 4 leaves To be able to motorize this type of shutters, they must fold in an "accordion", inner side against inner side. Somfy T


. earnings … Comfort: I manage my whole house from a computer or a smartphone. It is convenient ! … security : My house is better protected and, wherever I am, I always keep an eye on it. It's reassuring ! … energy saving : I optimize my energy consumption without thinking about it. It's smart! Central element of SOMFY home automation, the TaHoma box communicates by radio with my compatible equipment. It allows me to centralize, order and manage my home from a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet. Whether I'm at home or halfway around the world. From the internet, I access a control interface so intuitive that my whole family can use it. An intuitive and user-friendly interface : 4 menus to manage all my house. - MY HOUSE: I pilot and supervise my whole house. - MY WEEK: I put my house at my own pace. - MY SCENARIOS: I create and program scenarios according to my lifestyle. - MY SENSORS: I delegate, they manage. Are you connected to the internet? You are ready for home automation! Simple The TaHoma box connects to your internet box. It communicates by radio with all compatible equipment installed in the house. Safe You access a secure website protected by a password, from where you can control your home, from home or remotely. Scalable The box can integrate new Somfy equipment and also major brands of home equipment, as and when your projects. Mobile You are always in touch with your home, from a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet.Somfy Toutes les infos sur la motorisation des volets battants


. Fenêtre-coupole à ouverture motorisée pour toits plats 100 % inédit, la fenêtre-coupole Ni fenêtre, ni dôme, la fenêtre-coupole pour toits plats VELUX associe : - une fenêtre pour toits plats (fixe ou à ouverture électrique) équipée d'un double vitrage feuilleté et hautement isolante, sur un cadre en PVC extrudé et garni de polystyrène, - à une protection acrylique assurant le rôle de rempart aux éléments extérieurs. Transparente ou opale, cette dernière se fixe en extérieur sur le cadre en PVC. Elle assure l'évacuation de l'eau de pluie et permet d'amortir de manière significative ses bruits d'impact. La fenêtre-coupole pour toits plats VELUX apporte un éclairement naturel optimal dans l'habitat et pour longtemps. L'isolation polystyrène dans l'encadrement de la fenêtre de toit combinée à son double-vitrage très performant permet de maîtriser les déperditions d'énergie. Ce nouveau concept répond concrètement aux garanties de sécurité, grâce à son vitrage feuilleté intérieur, véritable barrière en cas de chocs accidentels. Une commande permet de programmer la ventilation naturelle de la pièce qu'elle chapeaute. Un capteur de pluie referme automatiquement la fenêtre en cas d'averse. Dimensions : 100 x 100 cm (code dimensionnel 100100) Store obscurcissant Ce store obscurcissant et isolant télécommandé est idéal pour les chambres. Sa toile plissée en nid d'abeille haute qualité possède des alvéoles doublées d'un film aluminium thermo isolant. Grâce