Before / After: graphic renovation of a bathroom from the 1950s

Before / After: graphic renovation of a bathroom from the 1950s

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In Paris, a faded bathroom from the 1950s found a second youth in the hands of the two founders of the vintage furniture brand Bel Ordinaire, Marie-Claire and Séverine, and the master builder Eric Corbiller. Curved and clean lines, contrasting color palette, graphic furniture ... this very designer bathroom now displays a trendy look, a touch of retro. A modern haven of peace, conducive to endless moments of relaxation. Back in pictures on this renovation. Area : 4.91 m² Budget: Around 10,000 euros

Hiding unsightly elements

Before:The apartment dates from the 50s and in this small bathroom of only 4.91 m², time seems to have stood still. Poorly laid out and dated, the Bel Ordinaire decoration consultancy, managed by two sisters passionate about design and decoration, had to redouble their ingenuity to meet the expectations of their client. The objective? Hide the unsightly elements of the room, exposed piping and water heaters, and allow this rather well exposed space to enter the room. Changing the water heater, moving the sink, hiding the pipes in the false ceiling to make them invisible… so much work that resulted in dedicating the largest share of the budget allocated to plumbing.

Total black look for this very designer shower

After: Before the Bel Ordinaire decoration consultancy came through, an old claw bath from the 1950s added to this already tight space. While the owners dreamed of an Italian shower, the installation of the plumbing did not allow this type of creation, but a clever compromise was found: move the front door about 10 cm to install a spacious shower. With its mosaic of small black tiles in matt porcelain stoneware, its accessories in chrome finish and its transparent wall, this ultra modern shower brings a trendy touch, very refreshing.

Exceptional materials

After: Plumbers, electricians, plasterers, tilers, painters ... all trades are harnessed to this bathroom transformed from A to Z. To give a sparkle to this very trendy space, the materials have been carefully selected. Thus we find a Philippe Starck basin for Cédéo, chrome finish taps from Hudson Reed or even a Lapeyre shower screen. In addition, to make this living space functional, the trick found was to install the washing machine under the sink, behind graphic curtains. Hidden from view, it remains easy to access. Under these curtains, storage space has also been created.

Carefully selected decorative accessories

After: Decorative items are no exception to the rule! A nice linen seat was installed in the room. Very practical, it can be used both as an extra support for putting down clothes and other towels or for the most flirtatious, a seat for making up comfortably. In addition, the space was punctuated with vintage accessories: re-edition of door handles and period ceiling lamp in porcelain, re-edition of the fabric used which counterbalances the sobriety of black and white and porcelain… So many decorative elements which helped create a refined atmosphere, in black and white, with a touch of color and inspiration from the 1930s. Bel Ordinaire decoration consultancy agency Our practical bathroom videos


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