Akido: discover the new Ambiance Bain collection

Akido: discover the new Ambiance Bain collection

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Bathroom designer and trendsetter, Ambiance Bain is launching a new collection that will not go unnoticed. Designed to optimize comfort and well-being, Akido offers a host of ingenious ideas in terms of design, layout and of course style! Presentation.

A quality aesthetic collection

With the Akido collection, volumes are made up, looks are transformed in order to be integrated in an optimal way in all bathrooms. On the menu: furniture with doors, drawers, vanity tops, built-in basins, storage… elements that assemble, structure and unstructure to design a room that is 100% personalized and adapted to everyone's needs. On the color side, Akido plays with harmonies with colors inspired by nature and refinement: taupe, brown wood and polar white sublimate this ultra practical furniture.

Divide for better storage

The concept of tailor-made allows us to optimize every square centimeter of our bathroom. With Akido, we start first by choosing the length of the furniture then the storage volume with one, two or three drawers. Then comes the selection of the SMO or ceramic vanity top, in white or wooden decor. Finally, it only remains to decide on the color of the facades among the rich palette of colors! Once you have chosen all of these options, add your mirrors, columns, niches, etc. to create a space full of space-saving tips and practical storage.
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