How to maintain your lawn in winter?

How to maintain your lawn in winter?

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If the vegetation is at rest during the winter, the gardener is not necessarily. The lawn deserves a little attention even during the off season. Fighting weeds and mosses, passing an aerator ... Charly from Jardiland tells us all about taking care of the lawn in winter and gives us advice on what not to do.

Should we prepare the grass before winter arrives?

It is essential. Before even thinking about maintaining your lawn in winter, it is imperative to mow it just before the off season. The ideal cutting height is a maximum of five centimeters. This cut will strengthen the roots for a more resistant lawn. It is important that the pre-winter mowing takes place before the first frosts. If you mow after frost, you risk exposing your lawn to disease and it will be less able to withstand low temperatures.

What should not be done in winter to keep the lawn looking good?

When it has rained a lot and the garden is completely soggy, it is advisable not to trample the lawn. This avoids leaving stubborn footprints on soft ground. Ditto if you have to use a wheelbarrow, better avoid crossing the lawn because the wheel may leave an unattractive rut.

Is lawn weeding necessary in winter?

Weed control is even essential if you want zero defect turf in the spring. Winter weeding has the effect of limiting the invasion of weeds - these slightly invasive weeds, and of protecting the lawn from the risk of suffocation by wild weeds in large numbers. For meticulous weeding, the weed must be removed with its root and not just the aerial part. When the winter is very humid and the soil is struggling to dry out, consider creating a mulch path to access all areas of your lawn without leaving footprints in the soggy soil.

How to remove the foam covering the grass?

Moisture helps mosses to develop, and the lawn can suffer. Take advantage of weeding your lawn in winter to remove the moss. This may indeed suffocate your lawn. It deprives it of light and the lawn turns yellow. An anti-foam product is essential. Repeat the operation just before the arrival of spring. Take care to also remove the dried foam when the anti-foam has had its effect.

In winter, is a fertilizer needed for the lawn?

You can indeed give your lawn a little boost with a natural fertilizer. Especially if the lawn turns yellow, because it proves that it is deficient. Potash, nitrogen, and phosphorus are essential for the beauty and health of the lawn. Well balanced, this little makeover will benefit him. The ideal is to use a slow-acting complete natural fertilizer to avoid having to mow in winter. And don't forget to ventilate the lawn as soon as spring arrives thanks to a specific aerator.


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