Comments, the new start-up that wants to democratize interior architecture, the new start-up that wants to democratize interior architecture

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When we start renovating our house, we can already imagine the many complications related to the work and everything that follows. But that was without counting on, a platform for connecting architects and individuals or professionals. Behind this ultra practical site, two students from ESCP (the oldest business school in the world), freshly graduated, with nevertheless a lot of experience. Their goal: to launch a society capable of democratizing interior architecture. Presentation.

Fight against the elitism of interior architecture.

Thanks to a decorative service, allows to give new life to our space by deepening our decorative research. Professionals allow us to personalize our interior as much as possible while respecting everyone's budget. The latter accompanies us from the design to the realization of our project and brings us original ideas to optimize the space and create a real place of life where we feel good. The decor ideas are imagined according to our tastes, our desires and needs, and of course taking into account our lifestyles. how does it work?

First, we, the client, submit a project request on and answer a style questionnaire. Then, if we have not chosen our architect directly, the site assigns the one that best suits our tastes and our budget. Then comes the time of the first meeting when the architect makes a first consultation meeting with us. We then proceed to the estimate then in the last step, the payment. And that's how to take advantage of the advice of an expert without exploding your decor budget! More info on: