Material focus: how to choose a light table?

Material focus: how to choose a light table?

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Illuminated work table, the light table can have different uses in drawing, photography, printing ... Variable dimensions, adapted power, the light table is particularly useful in drawing to avoid the difficult stage of the decalage. If there is a price range on the market from 10 to hundreds of euros, some practical advice should be taken into account when choosing your light table.

The power of the light table

Depending on the use of your light table , you will need to choose the most suitable power:

  • If you are drawing on thin paper like 90-180 gram printer paper, a light table with just one LED is sufficient.
  • If you prefer paperdrawing thicker, from 180 to 250 grams, prefer a light table with two LEDs.
  • Finally, if you have to draw on paper weighing more than 300 grams, three LEDs will not be too many.

Choose the format of your light table

There are different formats on the market light table ranging from approximately 21 * 30 cm to more than 40 * 60. But beware, the light surface may be smaller than the flat surface used to install the drawing . Beware when buying! For uniform brightness and drawing precise, the smallest formats, type A4, are recommended. Beyond, gray bands may appear in the center of the light table. But if small formats are practical and space-saving, they are not suitable for all uses. A cartoonist with intensive use of his table will prefer a larger format.

The quality of the light table

If some prefer to make their own light table , frequent use of it requires quality equipment. By buying a light table at 10 euros, don't be surprised to see it heat up if it stays on for too long.