Our 9 favorite decanters

Our 9 favorite decanters

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Finding the ideal carafe for your table, what a puzzle! Round, elongated, glass or earthenware, transparent or colored, with water or wine ... many are the criteria to be taken into consideration before buying. Need a little help to choose yours? Quickly discover our 9 favorites. During the holidays, the choice of table decoration becomes the main topic of conversation. After finding your tablecloth, your plates, your glasses or even your napkins, there remains an essential accessory which often poses a problem: the carafe! To put water or wine in it, you will obviously not select the same! Your carafe must also be in harmony with the theme you have chosen. If you have bet on a super chic decor, we suggest you turn to glass models with designer shapes like the decanter from Habitat or the round one from Maisons du Monde. On the contrary, if you have opted for a traditional table, turn to stoneware or ceramic models like the pretty cherry red pitcher from Jars. Do you prefer the retro style? This is not a concern either, you just have to choose a carafe with 1950s lines like the LÖNSAM model imagined by Ikea. Finally, to bring a little pep to your table decor, you can select colorful water carafes or funny patterns like the Fruity model from Alinéa.
1. The Jars ceramic pitcher, € 27.90 at Fleux / 2. The Lavante carafe, € 5.99 at Alinéa / 3. The SANDY transparent glass pitcher, € 23.90 at Delamaison / 4. The pineapple bottle Fruity, € 2.99 at Alinéa / 5. The Silver decanter, € 22.99 at Maisons du Monde / 6. The decanter, € 90 at Habitat / 7. The purple MILDRA bottle, € 5.99 at Ikea / 8. The LÖNSAM carafe, € 1.29 at Ikea / 9. The Beihai carafe, € 19.90 at Habitat


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