I'm downloading my Christmas gift tags!

I'm downloading my Christmas gift tags!

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Oh oh oh ! This year, improvise Santa Claus before the hour and offer you free Christmas labels to download! A printer, scissors, a bit of string and all you have to do is hang them on the packages at the foot of the tree!

Labels to print

>> here <<

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- scissors - paper (as rigid as possible) - a printer - a hole punch - baker twine twine


1. Print the labels (the stiffer the paper, the prettier your label boxes, but conventional paper is fine). 2. Cut out all the contours. 3. Using a hole punch, make a hole in the location shown. 4. Cut a piece of string or raffia and pass it through the label. And There you go ! All you have to do is write the name of the lucky recipient and hang on your package!
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