Green inspiration for Christmas decor

Green inspiration for Christmas decor

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For Christmas, the house is adorned with its finest attire, but the environment should not be overlooked. So, we opt rather for decorations in natural materials such as wood or felt. Green inspiration for Christmas decor: instructions.

Natural decorations

So that your decorations respect the environment as much as possible, we therefore favor natural materials. No more plastic Christmas balls, we prefer pine cones and wooden hanging decorations that will give an authentic touch to your tree. Small hearts, stars or mini-trees will settle at the end of the branches or take their place in the form of garlands around your tree. For a little softness in your decorations, also think of felt, wool or even wicker for warm and natural decorations.

The decorations to make yourself

For truly eco-friendly decorations, you can start making small hanging objects. You can for example collect branches to make small bundles that will act as balls. It will be enough to make a few holes and add a little string. For original decorations, you can also cut out shapes like stars or fir trees from old fabrics for decorative recycling. Similarly, do not hesitate to divert objects to make Christmas decorations: treats can for example settle in the tree before being devoured.
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