Tips for a cheap Christmas table decor

Tips for a cheap Christmas table decor

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Do you want a nice Christmas table without spending a lot of money? No problem, with a few accessories to set the tone, you will get a decorative table that will have cost you only a few euros. Discover our decorating tips for party evenings.

A centerpiece

Rather than go to the florist and spend a fortune on a bouquet for your centerpiece, get your hands dirty! To create a nice centerpiece, why not fill a transparent vase with a few golden balls? If you want a more natural atmosphere, a few pine cones and a light garland will also be an option.

Candles for the atmosphere

For a cozy party table, we think of lighting. The essential of the holidays? Candles that you will scatter on the table. For a decor at a low price, opt for simple candles for a classic decor or a few tealights in decorative candle jars.

Paper towels

Do you want to thematize your Christmas themed table? Adopt paper towels that will allow you to offer festive patterns. You can for example choose models that wish a Merry Christmas or others with a motif of Santa Claus according to your table decor.

Decorations to ask

Finally, to polish the decor, bring some accessories to sprinkle on the table. If we avoid the glitter that can easily be found on plates, we are happy to opt for small snowballs or wood shavings. We are also thinking of the place cards that will add a little decorative touch to the theme.
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