Turn a barrel into a bedside table

Turn a barrel into a bedside table

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This week, the D&CO team shows you how to turn a barrel into a bedside table. Demonstration in pictures. For this workshop, you will need: - a barrel, - a drill, - a jigsaw, - a medium board, - a compass, - a hammer, - paint.

Step 1

Gather the necessary materials.

2nd step

First drill a hole on each angle to be cut to bring the blade of the jigsaw into the barrel.

Stage 3

Then cut following the metal straps.

Step 4

Cut out the central strapping to make the opening in the barrel.

Step 5

Then measure the diameter of the barrel, transfer it to the medium board and cut a circle.

Step 6

Then fix the medium circle in the barrel using a nailer or hammer. Then paint the object in the color of your choice.


Your bedside table will have cost you 190 euros.


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