Small kitchen utensils to prepare Christmas

Small kitchen utensils to prepare Christmas

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For your festive meals, you will find many small accessories to impress your guests. Whether for sweet or savory, we suggest you play the homemade card with our practical shopping but especially ideal for Christmas!

Oysters and foie gras on the menu

The end-of-year celebrations are an opportunity to taste exceptional dishes. And this year, you will take care of everything! To make your homemade foie gras, you can bet on terrines with press that will allow you to successfully prepare. This year, no question of asking the fishmonger to open your oysters, you will take care of it yourself with an oyster block that will facilitate the catch and your safety.

Everything to make your Christmas chocolates

For Christmas, chocolate is essential! Why not transform yourself into a chocolatier and make your own little subjects yourself. For this, you will find many molds in Santa Claus, reindeer, star ... It will suffice to melt the chocolate and let it dry in the mold. You can then try gourmet associations. For Christmas, we advise you to add a little cinnamon to milk chocolate.

Christmas theme for cakes

And for your logs and other Christmas cakes, let yourself be tempted by the molds that will thematize your sweets. We fall for example for the mussels that will transform your cakes into a gingerbread man. You can also bet on mussels that will allow you to create the famous gingerbread house. A real delight for children!
1. The Christmas frying chocolate mold, € 12.99 at Cuisine Addict / 2. The gingerbread man mold, € 39.94 at Mathon / 3. The terrine with a bold texture and Le Creuset press, € 36 at La Redoute / 4. The gingerbread Maison silicone mold, € 39.90 at Decoclico / 5. The Étoile chocolate mold, € 4.90 at Maisons du Monde / 6. The Laguiole oyster opening box, 31 € at Décovente