Our selection of night lights for the little ones

Our selection of night lights for the little ones

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So that your children no longer fear the dark, adopt a small night light for their bedroom. But beware, not just any! The latter must be decorative! This week, the editorial team looked at the question of trendy night lights and selected its 7 favorites. Good shopping ! Spotlight on the most classic night light! Presented as a light object of low intensity, it is simply placed on the bedside table or plugs directly into a socket. Adopting more often a playful form, it has the advantage of transforming into a pretty decorative accessory once daybreak. Since children are fond of animals - which we often give a funny look in drawing - we do not hesitate to choose a model of a night light in the shape of a rabbit, with a sheep print or even a whale print. If they are fans of cartoons, go for models that take the image of their favorite heroes like Winnie the Pooh or the famous Hulk. On the contrary, if you want the night light to harmonize perfectly with the bucolic atmosphere that you wanted to give to her bedroom, turn to the mushroom or birdhouse night lights. Finally, if the night light is an opportunity for you to bring a touch of originality to the decor of your little one's bedroom, the models in the shape of a robot or a diver will make you fall in love.
1. The Winnie the Pooh night light, € 11.44 at La Fnac / 2. The nomad sheep night light, € 28 at La Fnac / 3. The mini rabbit night light, € 9.90 at Fleux / 4. The mushroom night light, 15 , € 50 at Towertoys / 5. The night light in robot porcelain, € 35.90 at Delamaison / 6. The whale night light in oak, € 55.90 at Light Online / 7. The Lightdiver PA Design night light, 20, € 80 at Light Online


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