La plancha, summer and winter

La plancha, summer and winter

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Good news, with the Plancha Indoor from Forge Adour our summer evenings continue in the kitchen. This fall, it will be the ally of gourmets wishing to bring a little originality to the kitchen. Zoom on a small electric plancha super comfortable inside.

La plancha: a ray of sunshine in the kitchen

Forge Adour has selected cast iron to retain the original flavor of the food and enameling for excellence in restoring heat. Everything has been thought of to please everyone, from the gourmet star chef to the vegetarian to the children. So everyone benefits from the plancha indoors.

A plancha that leaves nothing behind

Equipped with wide edges, it is without risk of making involuntary overflows. With this plancha, it becomes very simple to chain the cooking of salty and sweet foods without having to add fat and mix the tastes. Finally, a large capacity fat collector makes cleaning very easy. We adopt it as soon as possible! Recommended retail price: 349 € Prepare your summer by selecting your new plancha with our price comparison!