3 DIY ideas to pimp your chairs with paint

3 DIY ideas to pimp your chairs with paint

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Are your chairs a little too similar to those of Monsieur Tout-le-Monde? Do not panic. The writing Alinéa breathes 3 DIY ideas to pimp your chairs with a little paint and (almost) not a round. To your brushes!

Idea n ° 1: Paint your chair legs

It often takes just a moment to revamp your chairs . The proof with this DIY which consists of painting legs of his chairs … Try the exercise on the bar stools of the JADE range and shake up the codes of your interior discreetly! To make this DIY : Prepare the support to be customized with a light sanding. Mark off the area to be painted by applying masking tape. Apply two coats of paint with a paintbrush. Let it dry.

Idea n ° 2: Dress up your chairs in two-tone mode

Another tip to vibrate your chairs with a hint of paint: the two-color effect ! In the bias of the seat or the seat, the two-color technique enhances the Scandinavian decor with graphic and colorful touches. To make this DIY : Bring a can of paint or two and masking tape. The art of two-color makeover then consists of painting your chairs without overflowing to mark flawless pictorial contours.

Idea n ° 3: Transform your chairs in monochrome mode

XENA chairs have a nice rustic appearance, but if you want to energize their raw wood in solid birch and natural rattan, we advise you to opt for a makeover Colorblock version. To make this DIY : Sand your chairs. Apply one or two coats of paint. Optionally add a layer of varnish to protect the paint. Let it dry. And if you like customizable chairs at will, discover the Mix et Moi trend with JOY chairs!

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