4 practical tips for setting up a creative workshop at home

4 practical tips for setting up a creative workshop at home

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All DIY enthusiasts dream of a workshop of their own. Except, in reality, we most often find ourselves tinkering in a corner or sewing on the living room table… But just because space is limited doesn't mean that we can't have a real dedicated space At the creation ! Wall storage for tools, hanging jars for supplies, space-saving furniture… Discover practical and easy-to-carry tips for setting up a mini workshop space!

Put away your tools

It is not always easy to store your tools properly, so it is better to have efficient and functional storage to prevent them from lying around in the house. To store in order to save space on the floor and on the shelves, one solution is to have a perforated panel on its wall on which you will install your work equipment using hooks. The advantage is that we can multiply it at will and create a storage wall as large as we want according to his needs and his workspace. Otherwise, you can also choose to get Ikea Fintorp kitchen rods or magnetic kitchen rails on which you will have all your supplies at your leisure. In this way, you will find in the blink of an eye everything you need to create! And in addition, the result is pretty!

Tool Wall Rods

Put away your supplies

Storing supplies is often a real headache and you can quickly get overwhelmed. To prevent the bazaar from settling in this space, it is essential to organize and properly store all the equipment. Give a second life to your jars by diverting them into nice storage for all your charms, ribbons and accessories. It's simple, just pierce the covers and screw them under a shelf. When you need your buttons, needles or other creative leisure tools, all you have to do is unscrew the cover. For yarns and wools, use clothespins to easily create spools and prevent everything from getting tangled. Finally, for papers, ribbons, masking tape, in short everything that is on a reel, the rods will be your best friends. Very practical to unroll and cut without it becoming chaos!

Paint shelves Paper rods Shelf jars

Create a real workshop at home

We all dream of a large, spacious and bright workshop to be able to give free rein to our creations! Except that in reality, all we have is a small unoccupied space wedged between the sofa and the table miraculously preserved. What if we tried to use it to create a small workshop worthy of the greatest? A shallow worktop made to measure with a board and two brackets, rolling storage under this improvised desk and rods on the wall for storage, and that's the job!

DIY wall desk Workshop storage

Another tip, use a closet by installing a desk with a custom board of shelves, and boxes for storage. Its more? Once closed your room resumes its primary function. No more mess in the whole room! In the same genre, you can customize a piece of furniture to make a closet office by adding doors or a curtain that hides all the equipment.

Workshop cupboard 1 Workshop cupboard 2

The essential moodboard

Do you want to keep in mind all your inspirations for your next creations? Make your own moonboard above your desk. Beautiful images, decorative ideas, fabrics, materials, colors ... in short, everything that will allow you to draw inspiration. To be framed or pinned, well ordered or disturbed, the important thing is that it looks like you!

Moodboard 1 Moodboard 2


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