Trend: rent your tools

Trend: rent your tools

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DIY has become in recent years, a hobby much appreciated by the French. It is now within everyone's reach since you can change the decoration without spending a fortune, especially in DIY materials. Indeed, rather than buying tools, it is now possible to rent them. A trend that is both practical and economical! To do this, several solutions are available to you. Rent your tools in a store, via a website, between individuals or even borrow them for free in a Leroy Merlin store. Everything is possible !

Rent your tools between individuals: dedicated websites

Do you need a drill? The expense is not justified if it is to install two curtain rods! Be aware that some people have a drill at home that they use very rarely. To get in touch with them, you can go to one of the many websites that offer you the rental of DIY tools such as the Zilok site or the Bricolib site. Renting tools between individuals is a good compromise since this means you can reduce the expenses of your DIY work. Thanks to this type of rental, you also have the possibility of obtaining valuable information on the use of the tools from the rental company since you are in direct contact with him. A major asset!

Rent tools in a large DIY store

DIY stores have understood that renting tools is the trend of the moment so some are starting to get started. At Leroy Merlin, for example, you have a tool rental service. By reservation only, you have access to a wide range of tools. An advisor determines with you the most suitable equipment for your work. Once your tools in hand, you will have a guide, to make the use of the material easier. You can also have it delivered to your home.

Rent your tools for free at Leroy Merlin Reims-La Neuvillette

Even stronger, the Leroy Merlin store in Reims-La Neuvillette has just set up a tool loan service. "Comm'1 Tool" lends tools and it's 100% free. There are only 11 tools to choose from. However, loaned items are most useful such as the cordless drill, circular saw or stepladder. You can have the tools for 48 hours. When will this service be available in all Leroy Merlin stores in France?

A DIY library to rent your DIY tools, you had to think about it

Create a library, you had to think about it! In Nyons, a small commune in the Drôme, an association has set up a library which makes more than 200 tools available to its members. The loaned tools are all listed. Members are therefore put in direct contact with each other to exchange their tools. It is a system which works by exchange of points. We hope that bricotheques will also develop in other cities…


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