How I saved my wallet: the storage baskets

How I saved my wallet: the storage baskets

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If you are like us, followers of wicker baskets to store everything lying around, you have surely succumbed to the charm of the Bloomingville models. Only problem: these exceed 100 euros ... difficult, therefore, to get them into a reasonable budget. Fortunately for you and your decorating desires, we have found 6 other super trendy ones that play the game perfectly, but at a low price! We present them to you? A true ally in any room of the house, the wicker basket serves as much a decorative element as a practical solution for storage. It is therefore staged in the living room to store the plaids, next to the bed to slide the bedside books or in the bathroom to store dirty laundry. Our favorites on the basket side in recent times: the Thai ball models, the half-painted baskets or those with very simple lines from Bloomingville. So as not to break your piggy bank when you go to buy, we have prepared a small selection of baskets cheaper than those offered by the Danish brand, but just as decorative!
1. The Thai basket, € 16.99 at Maisons du Monde / 2. The basket with Senso handles, € 27.99 at Fly / 3. The round woven Raga basket, € 41.30 at AM PM / 4. The basket Magga seagrass, € 7.99 at Ikea / 5. The Tigra storage basket, € 36.03 at La Redoute Interiors / 6. The small Pink Stripes basket, € 15 at Esprit Nordik


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