How I saved my wallet: indigo blue

How I saved my wallet: indigo blue

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We all "drooled" in front of the magnificent Onkel sofa by Normann Copenhagen or even in front of the washed linen sheets from Merci thanks to the pretty indigo color ... But their price quickly cooled us in our desires to adopt this color with us ... Ultra trendy this summer and still relevant this winter, indigo blue is causing a sensation in every room of the house. Tempted? That's good, we have found some decorative items that will not explode your wallet. Intense and deep, the indigo blue vibrates the decor! Refreshing while being very warm, it adapts to all seasons and knows how to make a place of choice from the living room to the bedroom through the kitchen and the office. In a room with a refined and sober decor, don't be afraid to dare a touch of this particular blue to wake up the atmosphere. From a full wall to a small cushion, let indigo become your new decorative ally!
1. The pillowcase in pure washed navy linen, € 14.25 at AM PM / 2. The earthenware dessert plate, € 4 at Hema / 3. The table lamp Z, € 35 at Smallable / 4 The blue Heraklion glass vase, € 69.90 at Maisons du Monde / 5. Luxens blue blue paint n ° 2 satin, € 35.95 at Leroy Merlin / 6. The velvet sofa, € 546.50 at La Redoute Interiors


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