A facelift in my teenager's New York room for less than 205 euros

A facelift in my teenager's New York room for less than 205 euros

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Your teenager dreams, like many others, of a room that takes up residence on the other side of the Atlantic: New York. The editor has therefore thought of some clever, easy and inexpensive tips to revamp his little corner in his Big Apple way. Discover all our ideas made with an envelope of 205 euros.

Lay a waxed concrete floor: 64 euros per pot

Start by reviewing the floor of his room by giving it a Brooklyn loft effect! For this, we obviously used waxed concrete, not so difficult to install (on condition of being patient) and which gives the room that raw appearance so much sought after.

Adopt a bedside table that throws away: 79.99 euros

With this New York taxi print bedside table, the bedroom decor already takes on a whole new look. Do not hesitate to add other accessories which take up this yellow sun so representative of the streets of the big apple like a bedside lamp or a carpet

Buy a duvet cover that leaves you alone: ​​20.99 euros

As for bed linen, we suggest you stay sober. We love this gray duvet cover, which easily takes photos of buildings and the Statue of Liberty. This sobriety allows you to let go of the color of the decorative objects that will accompany this 100% New York room.

Fix a light wall lamp: 39 euros

To finish the decor of this New York room, all you have to do is find a nice light that makes an impact. We suggest this original wall lamp which takes the famous Big Apple buildings as a backdrop.