Inaho: like a golden rice field

Inaho: like a golden rice field

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We spotted Inaho at the last Maison & Objet show and we can't help but think back to the sweet poetry of this installation of lights that we owe to the Tangent studio. The London-based Tangent studio was created in 2013 by two Japanese designers: Hideki Yoshimoto and Yoshinaka Ono. Their creed? Put nature and digital technology at the heart of their creations. And that's exactly what you find with the Inaho interactive lighting system. Inaho is inspired by the ears of rice - the upper part of the plant is called "inaho" in Japanese - which sway gently in the wind. Each luminaire is composed of a long carbon fiber rod at the end of which is installed a led enclosed in a perforated golden tube. Motion sensors are integrated at the base of the rods, making the lights move when people pass.
We can only acquiesce in the face of Hideki Yoshimoto's analysis: "Art combining with digital technologies leaves only museums or art galleries to invest in our homes."
For Inaho, Tangent won the 2012 Lexus design award. It was Sam Hecht, product designer, who selected this delicate and intelligent project.


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