A facelift to my contemporary bathroom for less than 200 euros

A facelift to my contemporary bathroom for less than 200 euros

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Totally in tune with the times 5 years ago when you remodeled it, your bathroom seems to you already a bit worn out today. To bring it up to date without providing a big budget, we thought of some practical and inexpensive tips. Follow the guide !

Repainting the paneling: 19.95 euros per 2.5 liter pot

The paneling takes on a second youth in this bathroom by choosing to be repainted in a beautiful meadow green. Thus, your white furniture is perfectly highlighted and your decor is transformed! A little extra tip if your bathroom furniture is dark: repaint the paneling rather in light colors like white or beige.

Adopt a modern mirror: 89 euros

Accessories are just as important to give a modern touch to your bathroom! With its clean and playful lines, this mirror with integrated lighting will be perfect above the vanity unit.

Change the mixer: 48.95 euros

No need to change your entire installation so that your vanity unit seems to pick up on the edge of the beast on the contemporary side. A simple designer waterfall mixer can make all the difference.

Buy contemporary bath linen: 25.99 euros per towel

Finally, be aware that bath linen plays a vital role in your bathroom. towel rugs, gloves ... choose them in trendy colors that follow the seasons. Dare even a few fantasies like graphic patterns that will energize your contemporary atmosphere.


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