A facelift in my bohemian room for less than 250 euros

A facelift in my bohemian room for less than 250 euros

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The bohemian likes to bask, take his time, travel the world and let his mind travel. The bedroom is his den where he lets his mind wander and enjoys finding all his memories. But for some time now, the bohemian that you are has no longer been concerned with decoration. So we take control and follow these few simple tips to give a little life to your room.

Decorate the bed with geometric patterned cushions: 35 euros

The bohemian style likes patterns and colors. To give a new look to this style without spending too much, we advise you to bring this touch of cheerfulness with a multitude of cushions to place on the bed, a bench or an armchair. Combine several colors and patterns. Ornaments with cashmere, liberty, polka dots and grid lines combine to give a new effect to your room.

Place a headboard: 100 euros

In good bohemia, reading, daydreaming are your favorite pastimes. Also, you like to take your time comfortably in your bed. Orient your new decor by dressing it so that it is able to accommodate you with maximum comfort. A headboard should fill you up while immediately giving the impression of having changed rooms.

Reheat with a cozy quilt: 79 euros per boutis

Continue to pamper your bed and make it lofty by styling it with a comforter. As in a caravan, arrange this thick and soft blanket at the end of the bed. It invites rest and tranquility.

Dress the floor with folk carpets: 29 euros per carpet

Truncate your ruffles, more too much in the trend, against carpets from different countries. Back in style, the mix of artisan styles is filled with bright colors. Ideal for getting out of bed on the right foot!