In Armand Hadida's office, aka the Scout

In Armand Hadida's office, aka the Scout

L'Eclaireur, this name that sounds like a concept, today corresponds to six Parisian shops in which fashion enthusiasts have at their disposal all that is most advanced on the market. Martine and Armand Hadida, the founders, opened Les Puces a new space dedicated to contemporary and vintage design. Meeting with the male element of the couple.

The ultimate virtual object

Before going up to his office in the rue de Sévigné, Armand Hadida must go through square one, that is to say the shop, one of the six open in over thirty years, which is a stone's throw from his home. Here as elsewhere, it is a universe in itself. When you enter it, a sculpture by Arne Quinze to whom we owe part of the decor of the place sets the tone. What is just as fascinating is the giant screen, a magnificent virtual object, available to customers.
She can view all of the brand's products in images (clothing, accessories, objects, furniture) and the relationship with the sellers is different. "Our collaborators advise, guide, make discover what could please the customer even if it is not on site. And in half an hour any part is delivered." Thanks to this system, all the shops are connected . Each one having its personality, therefore a different stock, the device proves itself. Now it doesn't matter the address. You just have to be at L'Eclaireur, where this very VIP service does not exist anywhere else.

Fornasetti from the start

In private, a spiral staircase leads upstairs to the offices, including that of Armand recognizable by its door covered with recycled wood and signed Arne Quinze. "There is a mess," he said. But this is not the first impression. What strikes you is above all a wall entirely lined with Fornasetti wallpaper. Nothing really surprising when you know a little about the history of the Scout.
During their first trips to Milan, Armand and Martine discovered the objects of the architect, painter and designer. A real favorite. So much so that they decide to sell some creations in France. "To share our pleasure, and to make known this unclassifiable artist." It will have taken time for the French public to fall in love. It is now acquired. And whether through furniture, plates or screens, Fornasetti is finally recognized in France. "After England, Switzerland, Belgium," he says amused. And for those who love but are stopped by the prices, there are the scented candles, a model of which was specially designed for the Scout.

Travel with greed

One may wonder how the Pathfinder manages to offer such a wide range of fashion and design. The answer is in the word travel, to be conjugated in the plural. Armand and Martine Hadida travel the planet tirelessly, almost greedily. Whether in major European capitals, looking for creators. Or places at the end of the world, to see and fill up on emotions. "We are curious about men, landscapes, know-how" confirms Armand. There are many memories. Some more tangible than others. One of them, a baroque pearl necklace from Polynesia, never left him. It was during a visit to his friend Robert Wan that he discovered what a pearl oyster farm was. "An unforgettable moment on an island that seemed to be mistaken for paradise. It is probably on this atoll that the world began. Robert gave me this necklace that I wear day and night."

Work at heart

The expression "always up and down" goes like a glove to this unconditional nomad. Wandering with eyes wide open, he has the gift of seeing a little before others, the talent, the beauty, the originality. The pleasure is to share his discoveries. One of the most striking in recent years is an Italian furniture designer: Oswaldo Borsani. His crush was first of all a lounge chair that adapts to all positions until it becomes a bed. Although it is of undeniable comfort, it is especially its line which seduced it. "I rarely settle there because I never relax. It probably comes from my personality. I landed in France very young and like all uprooted people of my generation, I feel more homework than rights. I do part of the people grateful to have been welcomed. "Besides his office, where his Borsani chair is often cluttered with fabrics and backrests, two other models are on sale in the boutique. Rarities since only fifty chairs have been produced.

Art is essential

Sometimes the chance of an encounter creates unwavering friendships. This is what happened with the artist Arne Quinze, as if these two had recognized each other. "We saw each other for the first time about ten years ago in Stockholm. Arne was the guest of Designer's Days. He came to see me after hearing a little speech I had made to tell my story. My story had resonances with his and that is how our friendship was born. "Arne Quinze is the author of impressive sculptures, often monumental. But Armand Hadida also likes what one could call his miniature work. Rarer, like this uncertain tower which sits on a coffee table Orange in color "minium" and in wood, it is one of his favorite objects and Arne of his favorite artists. Because the other important aspect of Armand Hadida's life is art. Painters, sculptors, videographers, photographers ... have always marked the path of the Pathfinder.