How to use white vinegar for kitchen maintenance?

How to use white vinegar for kitchen maintenance?

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Economic, ecological, and ultra efficient, white vinegar is a maintenance product to have at home. For cleaning your kitchen, it's even your best ally. It detaches, it disinfects, it shines, it descales, it deodorizes ... And the list goes on. Do you want to discover or rediscover white vinegar? Here are all our tips for using it properly in the maintenance of your kitchen.

White vinegar to descale

White vinegar is a powerful descaler. It has the capacity to dissolve and therefore remove even the oldest limestone. You can use it everywhere! On your credenza, your sink, your taps and even your kettle or your coffee maker. How? 'Or' What ? * For your coffee maker: place the white vinegar and water in equal quantity in the water compartment then switch on the appliance. When the program is finished, repeat the maneuver with clean water three times. * For your kettle: put a mixture of white vinegar and water, always in equal quantity, in the kettle. Leave for 30 minutes then rinse by boiling clear water. Repeat the maneuver 2 times.

White vinegar to degrease and detach

White vinegar can be used to degrease and loosen dishes. To do this, simply place the dishes to be cleaned in the bowl of your sink then fill it with water and add two glasses of white vinegar. Leave on for a few hours then admire!

White vinegar to deodorize

White vinegar is a powerful deodorant. You can use it for the maintenance of the fridge, dishwasher and even cat litter! White vinegar is ideal for cleaning and deodorizing plastic or wooden cutting boards. However, never soak your wooden cutting boards! White vinegar can also be used for piping. It allows to deodorize them. You can even unclog a sink with pure white vinegar.

White vinegar to make you shine

White vinegar can be used to make your dishes, your glassware and even your windows shine. To make all these elements shine, you need to prepare a mixture of water and white vinegar. The measures are as follows: ¼ of white vinegar for ¾ of water. Note that it can be used on both copper and silver. Something to give a facelift to your beautiful dishes or antique dishes!

Abuse white vinegar!

And yes ! You will understand, you can abuse white vinegar. It will be useful in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in all other rooms of the house. In addition, it will save you serious money since a liter of white vinegar costs around 0.80 euros. A boon !