How to clean cast iron pots?

How to clean cast iron pots?

Cast iron is a material much appreciated by food lovers. The cast iron utensils allow healthy, delicious and above all economical cooking. Indeed, the latter makes it possible to maintain a diffuse and homogeneous temperature and also preserves the taste and the benefits of food. Have you fallen for cast iron dishes or do you want to invest in this type of utensil? Here are a multitude of tips for cleaning your cast iron pans and optimizing the life of all your cast iron dishes.

Traditional cast iron or cast aluminum: a complete range

You will find a very wide range of cast iron dishes: casserole dish, sautoir, frying pan, saucepan and even teapots. These kitchen utensils can be made of traditional cast iron or cast aluminum. You should know that traditional cast iron is ideal for simmering. The heat comes gradually and is maintained homogeneously. Traditional cast iron is much heavier than cast aluminum. The latter makes it possible to quickly heat food without burning it and also allows the realization of small simmered dishes. Unlike traditional cast iron, cast aluminum is non-stick. The common point between traditional cast iron and cast aluminum is maintenance.

Clean cast iron dishes

The maintenance of cast iron pans, like any cast iron utensil for that matter, is different. You should know that if it is well maintained, this type of dishes can be kept for years! To give you suitable and above all quality advice, we contacted La Casserolerie customer service. This website offers a wide choice of cast iron cookware exclusively made in France. Why choose cast iron? Cast iron dishes are perfect for making simmered dishes. The heat spreads gradually, gently and evenly. Food does not burn, it is not attacked. Their taste is preserved as are their benefits. How to clean a cast iron pan or dish? To clean your cast iron dishes, you must soak them and remove the largest with a wooden spoon. The enameling which forms the coating of the cast iron utensils being fragile and porous, prefer the dish brush to the scraper. You should know that a cast iron dish has a "memory". If you insist with the scraper, the food will always hang on that specific spot. If the elbow grease is not enough to get rid of the dirt, de-ice with water. Do not put your cast iron utensils in the dishwasher. How long can we expect to keep our cast iron dishes? All elements in traditional cast iron can be used for 20 years. Those made of cast aluminum can be used for 8 to 10 years. Of course, the life of your dishes depends on the frequency of use and maintenance.

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