Cordzero, the LG cordless vacuum cleaner series

Cordzero, the LG cordless vacuum cleaner series

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After the brands Samsung and Dyson, it is the turn of the LG brand to present its new range of cordless vacuum cleaners. For this, nothing like an equivocal name, Cordzero, and a know-how recognized both by individuals and by professionals. Do you want to discover the models of LG's new Cordzero range and know their specifics? Here is our little survey.

A complete and practical range

Why create a range of cordless vacuum cleaners? Because we have to be honest, we need it. Who has never railed against the too small wire of his vacuum cleaner? Who does not know of children who got caught in this famous thread? There are many examples! Cleaning is not always a pleasure, so be well equipped. This is where LG can be appreciated! The brand has developed a wireless range aptly called Cordzero. And this famous range consists of 4 models: the traditional Cordzero canister vacuum cleaner, the Cordzer 2 in 1 stick vacuum cleaner, the Cordzero Bedding hand vacuum cleaner and the Hom-bot Square robot vacuum cleaner. Enough to satisfy all your needs.

Photo credit: LG

No bag!

The Kompressor range, also marketed by the household appliance manufacturer LG, was a resounding success. Much of this success came from the fact that these vacuum cleaners were bagless. For its Cordzero range, LG offers the same technology. The dust is vacuumed and then compacted. Rollers are formed to facilitate the evacuation of the sucked waste. This system is particularly suitable for people who have pets.

HEPA filter

Today, most vacuum cleaners have a HEPA filter, such as the Cordzero range. The HEPA filter is an air filter. It reduces the emission of dust when vacuuming. It is a device particularly recommended for allergy sufferers or those with children suffering from allergies. To clean the HEPA filter, nothing could be easier! A passage underwater is enough.

Photo credit: LG

Some technical data

All vacuum cleaners in the Cordzero range are fitted with a PowerPack battery. This lithium-ion battery is also also marketed by LG. The canister vacuum cleaner will be put on the market first. It has a power of 2000 watts and a maximum autonomy of 40 minutes. The other models, namely the stick vacuum cleaner, the handheld vacuum cleaner and the robot vacuum cleaner, will have a lower power but their use will not be penalized. Finally, the new range of LG cordless vacuum cleaners has the RoboSense system which, using sensors located on the handle, allows the vacuum cleaner to follow the user thanks to its motorized wheels.

Where to find vacuum cleaners in the Cordzero range?

LG cordless vacuum cleaners from the Cordzero range are not yet marketed. The range was presented to the general public at IFA Berlin. To follow its market launch, go to the LG brand website: //