How I saved my wallet: the geometric wallpaper

How I saved my wallet: the geometric wallpaper

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The geometric wallpaper is a deco it this fall! Diamonds, graphic figures, triangles print their irresistible shapes. Inevitable this season, we have found a selection of geometric wallpapers to adopt without breaking your piggy bank. Colored to stand out or on the contrary in a harmony of light colors to display discreetly, the geometric wallpaper is available in a range of varied colors. In tone on tone at 4 Murs with the collection created by Sophie Ferjan i, it takes on a little color at Mues Design. Multicolored black, blue, white and gray at Leroy Merlin, it becomes almost psychedelic at Graham & Brown.
1. Polygon wallpaper, € 14.90 at Leroy Merlin / 2. Alexandre wallpaper € 43.44 Mues Design / 3. Arlequin wallpaper, € 13.90 at 4 Murs / 4. Diamond wallpaper by Hemingway € 30 at Graham & Brown / 5. Origami wallpaper, € 18.90 at 4 Murs

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