Sewing: learning the festoon stitch

Sewing: learning the festoon stitch

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The festoon stitch is a stitch used in both sewing and embroidery. In sewing, it is appreciated for making buttonholes and borders because in addition to being an easy and pretty stitch to make, it prevents the news: 739845 fabric fraying. This point is worked from left to right. 1. Make a knot on the thread and take out the needle at A on the place of the actu: 739845 fabric or in a fold as on the image below.
2. Make a loop from left to right with the thread. Stitch above point A at B, then take out the needle below point A at C. Make sure to pass the point of the needle over the previously formed loop.
3. Then pull on the wire to tighten the loop, then make a new loop from left to right with the wire. Stitch the needle to the right of point B at D, then exit at E, always making sure to pass the needle well over the loop.
4. Continue the work along the path or the border, then stop the thread on the back of the actu: 739845 fabric.


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