Build your house: which professionals to choose?

Build your house: which professionals to choose?

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Having your house built is often the project of a lifetime, or at least a large part of it. Whether you have the ambition to take care of everything or, on the contrary, to entrust the design and implementation to a company, you will have to find the professional who will be able to adapt the project to your conception of life. Find more articles on the theme: Quote work for a house construction

The turnkey model

If your time does not leave you the choice and if your means allow it, you will entrust the whole of your project to a constructor of individual house who will be responsible, from the proposal of the plans until the delivery of the keys, your entire project. He will establish a quote, find the craftsmen involved in your construction and will be responsible for monitoring the work to meet the plans and deadlines so that you can come into possession of your property on the date set. He will also bring his own ten-year guarantee and his damage insurance. But you can also prefer an architect for a more original, up-to-date house, with architectural details that will make you proud. This passage by an architect will even be required if the net surface area of ​​your pavilion exceeds 170 m².

A personalized project

If you already have a clear idea concerning the house of your dreams or if you want to build an unusual accommodation, you can keep the project management and call directly on craftsmen by trade. You can, however, beforehand, approach a design office which will be responsible for establishing plans and studies to find out if your project is viable and up to your finances. This choice, in addition to the fact that it allows customization for more originality, can also be a financial choice for a simple project but followed by you and keeping, for example, certain work at your expense.

Interiors, exteriors: right through to the finishes

Once your house is out of the ground, you will then need to give it life and make it functional. At first, you can consider the intervention of a carpenter who will be able to create, for you, the shelves and cupboard doors that will perfectly adapt to the locations you have provided in your different rooms. You will also call on a painter or a tapestry installer who will take care of the dressing of your walls. And if your budget allows, and you want to bring that personalized touch, an interior decorator will come, by means of furniture and precise and elegant decoration, to give that life you expect. But what would your new home be without the cachet of a studied garden, mixing impeccable lawn, flowered and tree-lined areas that will offer you, when the time comes, this haven of peace that you cherish? A landscaper will then be the professional of the situation.