A secure playground in the garden

A secure playground in the garden

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Do you have children and want to create a playground for them? It is an excellent idea ! Today, there are a multitude of swings, slides, wooden huts and other elements that ensure the happiness of our toddlers in the garden. Pleasing children is good, but doing so while keeping them safe is better. How? 'Or' What ? Here are our tips!

A suitable play area

When you go to a public park, the age of the children for whom the playground is intended is always specified. Know that when you create a playground at home, you must also adapt to the age of your children. The mistake is to invest in items with the future in mind. You need games suitable for your children and not games that they can use in a few months or in a few years. If you have children of different ages, think of everyone. Some games, such as cabins, appeal to children of all ages. Some swings combine activities for children and toddlers. Note that there are also customizable play areas.

A standard playground

In Europe, we are fortunate to benefit from a very large number of standards of all kinds. These are especially useful when buying products for children. Also, when choosing the elements of your playground, remember to make sure they are up to standard. Avoid buying used swings as the quality cannot be checked.

Secure the playground

A playground can, and should, be secured. First, take care of the soil. The latter must be flexible in order to limit the risk of injury in the event of a fall. It can consist of grass, sand or a specific covering. If you have very young children, it is very useful to fence off the playground. The older ones can always go there freely but the little ones must be accompanied. To optimize the safety of children, make sure that the elements that make up the playground are properly assembled. If you are not comfortable with the assembly, call a professional. In both cases, test the facilities before letting your children play.

Maintain the playground

And yes ! A playground that maintains. Every year, ideally before sunny days, you should check the floors, the fixings, the ropes, etc. You need to make sure everything is working properly and that there is no risk to your children. If any of the items are broken or worn, replace them. Avoid making repairs that will only be temporary or potentially dangerous.

Supervise children

A playground is a place that can be dangerous. You should always be present to watch your young children. For older children, make sure that they behave reasonably and that they do not put themselves in danger.


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