Video: how to replace a broken mirror?

Video: how to replace a broken mirror?

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Unfortunately, did your favorite mirror crack during a move? Did you drop the mirror you used every day? With Laid Azzi, from, easily replace a broken mirror.

Watch the video :Removing the broken mirror To be able to install a new mirror, you must first remove the broken mirror. To do this, take a metal spatula. Create a passage in one of the cracks on the mirror, to be able to take off a small broken piece. Work gently and carefully so as not to break or scratch the mirrors located around the one you want to replace. When you have removed a small piece of broken mirror, continue to peel off all the broken parts, lifting them up using the spatula. Be careful not to cut your fingers. When all the pieces of mirror are removed, slide the spatula under the remaining piece of mirror. Use a lever movement to lift and take off the mirror. If necessary, push the spatula all the way for more convenience. Finally, scrape off the residue from double-sided adhesive tape, using the spatula.Installing the new mirror When the surface under the mirror is clear, take the new mirror, the same dimensions as the old one. If it is not a standard size, ask your mirror maker for a custom mirror. Place a square of double-sided adhesive tape on each corner at the back of the mirror, then apply the mirror to the wall. Press to secure the mirror. Thanks to the advice of Laid Azzi, the seven years of misfortune will be quickly forgotten! Watch the video How to replace a broken mirror? on Produced by Minute Facile.