How to build your pizza oven?

How to build your pizza oven?

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Some dream of a beautiful fireplace, others of a summer kitchen. You want a pizza oven. And we understand you! Nothing beats a pizza or a flamekueche cooked over a wood fire to feast and enjoy a moment of conviviality. Today we are going to explain to you how to build a pizza oven and for this we have contacted the company Ephrem.

A well chosen location

The first step in building your pizza oven is choosing the location. Would you like an oven in the heart of the garden? On the terrace ? Against your house? Whichever location you choose, you just need to make sure the surface that will receive the pizza oven is stable and level.

The construction of the pizza oven

Building a pizza, bread, wood oven is not easy. Here are the steps: 1- On the chosen location, make sure that the surface that will receive the pizza oven is stable and level. Mount two jambs in concrete blocks of about fifteen centimeters then make a reinforced concrete slab of 10 cm. 2- Prepare a 2-3 cm layer of lean mortar. To make a lean mortar, you need to mix 50 kg of cement with 180 liters of sand. Add water until a pasty mixture is obtained. You now have your base! 3- Mount your oven without making any joints (dry mounting). 4- Build a wall around the wood oven in 10 cm blocks, then make a smoke flue so as to have an interior of 20x20 cm. 5- Surround the wood oven with a layer of rock wool of 5 to 10 cm that you will cover with ten cm of sand. You can also apply a vermiculite concrete without rock wool. 6- Finally, make a shelter above the wood oven. Want more information? Here is a link that you may find useful! You are free to decorate your pizza oven. Stones, bricks, plaster, colors, you choose the decor that makes you happy.

Call on the professionals!

Because we do not all have the soul of a handyman, it is of course possible to call on professionals. Find out more: On www.four-ephrem.com, you will find information, advice, videos, models of pizza ovens, accessories.