4 grandmother's tips to keep wasps away

4 grandmother's tips to keep wasps away

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Tip 1: coffee to keep wasps away

And yes ! The smell of coffee is frankly unpleasant for wasps so we do not hesitate to use this trick when they are boring us. Burn ground coffee, not used, in a small cup and the smoke from it will make them run away in no time. It is still important to repeat the operation regularly at the risk of seeing them again point the tip of their tail!

Tip # 2: essential oils to repel wasps

To repel wasps, some essential oils such as lavender, lavandin or lemongrass are ideal. Add ten drops of oil to 10 cl of water and spray around you and around the house so that you don't see them coming back.

Tip 3: a tomato plant

After the smell of coffee, it is that of the tomato plants which the wasps do not like very much. To be quiet on your terrace, plant a few feet of tomatoes all around, you will protect yourself from their invasion. Another tip: you can also cut a branch or a few leaves of a tomato plant and position them on the garden table to prevent them from coming.

Tip # 4: cloves

Crushed cloves on the table can also keep wasps away. Another method: prick a lemon or an orange cut in half with several cloves and place them where the wasps invite themselves. Guaranteed result!