How to choose your hot water tank?

How to choose your hot water tank?

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The choice of a hot water tank meets criteria of necessity as much as energy savings. Indeed, essential for heating and sanitary, it should also ideally, make you benefit from reasonable consumption. Selecting a hot water tank should then be a carefully considered choice. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a water heater installation

The choice of energy: performance and consumption

Comfort, performance, lifespan, consumption, the water heater must first of all be the subject of a proven technology with a choice of electricity, oil or gas consumption. Faced with the continuous rise in the price of energy for many years, the concern of households is then in priority to make savings on their consumption and equipment budget. Depending on your home configuration, today there are so-called clean technologies that use a heat pump system, thermodynamics or even solar energy, or even a hybrid system that combines several energies. If the cost of an installation is more expensive than a traditional electric hot water tank, comfort and consumption are however advantageous.

The size and layout of a hot water tank

Once your energy choice has been considered according to your budget and the configuration of your accommodation, the location of the hot water tank is a crucial step before taking advantage of the installation. Indeed, a water heater can be installed vertically, horizontally, against a wall or connected to an already existing system. Again, depending on whether you live in an apartment or a detached house and depending on the area, individual needs differ. Electric hot water tanks are the cheapest of all and benefit from the best quality / price ratio, with anti-corrosion systems, the advantage of being able to choose the off-peak rate for heating water at night, and different settings for more comfort and savings. The capacity of the tank must then be taken into account with a minimum of 100 liters for an apartment, with a general consumption of around 50 liters per person per day.

Which system to choose to save money?

Generally 2 technologies share the market of electric hot water tanks, thermo-immersed resistances directly in contact with water, and those with soapstone which are waterproof and are not immersed. If the former has a lower cost, the water heater then requires regular maintenance because corrosion and scaling are more frequent. The second benefits from better heat distribution and tends to suffer less from the effects of fouling. The integration on many recent models of thermostats and programming systems is a definite advantage for the consumer, for optimal comfort. Indeed, 20% of annual household consumption is made up of hot water necessary for sanitary facilities, so it is advisable to be particularly vigilant on the model of water heater selected.