Staging his collections in the living room

Staging his collections in the living room

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Highlighting your favorite objects requires a certain sense of aesthetics. The idea is to avoid turning your living room into a shambles. Vases, statuettes, trays, paintings, travel souvenirs and other pictures of ancestors are all favorite objects to exhibit with talent to make your living room a unique showroom. Staging his collections creates a timeless atmosphere.

Valuing old objects

Coming straight from fleas and garage sales, vintage objects can transform a living room into a flea market. These treasures bear witness to an era, a trend, and have no equal in telling a story. Unexpected, original, emblematic, they blend seamlessly into contemporary interiors. Simply rehabilitated, customized or recycled, old objects make it possible to enhance a particular material, a style, a color. Disseminated here and there instinctively or exhibited in large numbers, they invest buffet, library, living room table, pedestal table The wooden and leather trunk becomes a low table, the embers heater a cast iron incense burner, the old guitar a light fixture.

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Choose a color

The collection of earthenware, stoneware, ceramic and crystal pots alone can create a unique style in the living room. The effect will be even more spectacular if they come in a single tone, enough to make the living room a giant shades of orange yellow, eggplant pink powder, chocolate creamy beige. Indeed, the staging of the object also involves the choice of colors for a soothing or invigorating atmosphere according to the taste of each. A loft where metal is omnipresent can be majestically punctuated by a collection of pottery coated in black and red.

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A showroom on the theme of escape

Travel enthusiasts who have traveled the world inevitably have many objects to exhibit. These vibrant memories of distant lands fill the library, display case and row or hang on the walls. Transforming your living room into a showroom on the theme of travel will enrich your evenings with friends because each object symbolizes an anecdote, a place, a perfume, a meeting, an emotion. A cultural evocation, the warm and cozy lounge evokes Russia, with its collections of Russian dolls, Fabergé eggs and local folk decorations. More spicy, it has a scent of the Orient with its traditional carpets, animal paintings and handicrafts in leather or copper with Berber motifs.

Artist studio spirit

The most gifted can without complex exhibit their own works in the living room for a very personal decoration. Hand-painted silks, designer triptychs with extraordinary dimensions, collection of charcoal caricatures or a string of cross stitch ABCs: the staging of these homemade creations - unique pieces - makes it possible to transform the living room into a workshop. welcoming artist, alive because constantly renewed. Enhancement of a color, a material, a style or, on the contrary, a mixture of genres: everyone can express their personality by highlighting their most diverse creations.

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