Copper makes its show in decoration

Copper makes its show in decoration

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Copper opens up new horizons. Contrary to what one might think, it is not at the level of the pipes that it is found but it is at the forefront of the decor scene, in the most beautiful decor places around the world. Back on his ascent…

Copper seduces interior design

Photo credit: Bloomingville / Dornbracht Copper has been used by humans for centuries. Excellent thermal insulator, naturally anti-bacterial and recyclable, it has recently been noticed on decorative items for 2 years. The greatest designers, like Tom Dixon, are inspired by it and participate in its propagation. This year again, the famous brand Bloomingville, which makes the decor swoon with its Scandinavian style, has again chosen copper in its new collection. Boxes, vases, suspensions, lamps, clocks enhance the decor. Very recently, we have seen copper also take possession of the bathroom and more precisely of the taps with the Dornbracht brand which offers taps in copper and 18 carat gold which gives the room nobility and elegance. An upmarket that continues its ascent, especially since the architects decided to adopt it to partition, delimit and so that it plays a real role in the interior designer.

An international craze

Photo credit: Jann Lipka / Noel Dominguez Architecture / Fred Toulet Photographer From Stockholm to Paris through Sydney, copper is illustrated in interior architecture. Aware that decoration is one of the main criteria for appreciating customers, shops and restaurants choose it to make their siding. They have adopted it without regret: the business hotel Radisson Blu Riverside in Gothenburg, the delicatessen La chambre aux jams in Paris or the very popular Asian restaurant, Le Chi and Co in Sydney.

Copper, a material that appeals to all levels

Photo credit: Noel Dominguez Architecture / Fred Toulet Photographer If copper pleases so much it is because it has significant advantages. First of all, it has intrinsic qualities ideal for interior design. Malleable, it allows custom-made dressings. Adapting thus to all surfaces, its solidity guarantees an exceptional longevity, perfect therefore for public places in constant demand. Durable and 100% recyclable, it is therefore particularly appreciated by building professionals concerned with eco-design.

Copper has a very strong visual aesthetic

Photo credit: Matt Woods Copper is a colorful metal with warm tones. At the same time orange, golden and rosé, it gives character and brandishes a color and a shine that only it can proffer. Able to adapt to several decorative styles, it can also echo the old copper jam basins, such as La chambre aux confitures in Paris or, on the contrary, be chosen to make an impression, like at the Radisson Blu Riverside in Gothenburg or even be preferred to provide a warm and contemporary atmosphere like at Chi and Co in Sydney. And you, when do you adopt it?

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