A facelift to my terrace for less than 200 euros

A facelift to my terrace for less than 200 euros

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With sunny days you want to enjoy your terrace. But looking gray, it would need an express makeover so that tomorrow you can enjoy it again. Follow this facelift, in 5 steps, which gives a boost to your outdoor space.

Place a carpet on the ground: 89.90 euros

We don't think about it often enough, but having a carpet on the terrace is a good idea to hide a slightly outdated floor or to brighten up with a touch of color. Chosen 100% polypropylene, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Resistant to water, UV, snow or dust, it can also be maintained as easily as a tile!

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

Hang vintage frames on the wall: 15 euros

Yes, yes, you read that right! The boundaries between inside and outside are falling. After the outdoor carpet, make way for the frames. On the wall of the facade, like a gallery, hang several paintings by mixing dimensions, styles of frames and representations.

Photo credit: Ikea

Bet on colored furniture: 50 euros

Third step, for a decoration that clicks on your terrace, choose furniture with flashing colors. Tomato red, blood orange, apple green, turquoise blue ... set the mood for this summer. Chairs, tables, armchairs exist today in different trendy colors.

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

Taming the light: 14.99 euros

When you are lucky enough to have a terrace, it is just as pleasant to enjoy it in the middle of the day as it is in the evening when it is dark. Also, do not miss your bright atmosphere after dark. And beyond the general lighting, perfect your atmosphere with a few solar lights to hang everywhere.

Photo credit: Ikea

Create a green wall: 29.90 euros

Create a natural barrier with this pedestal. In black painted steel, it accommodates your plants over its entire surface to hide from prying eyes without partitioning.

Photo credit: Ikea


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