Scandinavian decor: what colors to combine with light wooden furniture?

Scandinavian decor: what colors to combine with light wooden furniture?

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In love with the Nordic spirit and the Scandinavian style, you think you are following the trend and opting for light wooden furniture. But, small problem, you do not know what colors to associate with these pieces of furniture at the same time sober and refined and, it must be admitted, you are a little lost… Do not panic, the drafting found for you 4 inspirations, between neutral tones and more toned colors, which will go perfectly with your decor, right in the light wood trend. And now let yourself be guided.

White and taupe for a clean style

If you want to stay in the purest Nordic tradition and respect the codes of the Scandinavian style, the editorial staff advises you on neutral and sober tones to sublimate your interior, decorated with light wooden furniture. But, not to risk falling into a too minimalist decor, we play the paint effects card, like this pretty gradient between shades of white and taupe.

Photo credit: Hay

Duck blue to give pep's

Amazing! And because it's not just white and neutral colors that go very well with light wood furniture, we dare a more invigorating color, but, beware, not just any color. Take the example of this kitchen / bar, all dressed in duck blue. Duck blue is a color that has it all: this deep blue tinged with green, both intense and elegant, fits perfectly into a contemporary interior, while giving it a nice touch of originality. And if you do not want to try monochrome, a bit risky it must be said, you can always reserve the color on one or more walls, at will.

Photo credit: Hay

Mustard yellow to wake up the whole

Be careful! Besides a beautiful duck blue, you can also dare a mustard yellow pop and sun. Because a Scandinavian interior can sometimes be a little too neutral, we do not hesitate to choose more toned colors. Like this mustard yellow, very bright which comes to slice and wake up your decor. We will rather adopt this color in a kitchen or a couple's room, than in a living room. And, if you are afraid of getting bored, you can also apply it in small touches while playing with the elements of your decoration: an armchair, a coffee table, a shelf ...

Photo credits: Hay / Maisons du Monde

Soft pastel blue

Back to basics. Finally, if you prefer not to take a risk by staying in tones usually reserved for the Scandinavian style, and which go very well with light wooden furniture, choose pastel colors: water green, coral or powder pink .

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde


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