5 tips for using Fimo paste

5 tips for using Fimo paste

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With Fimo, the most famous polymer clay, the possibilities for creation are almost endless. Easy to work, it is cooked in a conventional oven. It's a bit like plasticine for adults. Alone or with children, you can make many objects, more or less complex. Here are some simple inspirations to get started.

Fimo delicacies

Fimo dough is particularly suitable for the creation of cookies and other sweets. Your objects can then be used as jewelry, gifts or table decoration. You can start by making a pacifier, the easiest model to make.

Fimo jewelry

Fimo clay is ideal for creating jewelry such as earrings, bracelets or pendants. You will find in creative leisure shops, fasteners to fix on your creations. For the earrings, you can also use a piece of wire that you will bend and cut to height.

Fimo keychains

As for jewelry, just buy special key fasteners. Remember to add rings to solidify your creation and use a special Fimo varnish as a finish, because your keychain may be heckled in your bag.

Fimo animal figurines

Children will love making the figurines of their favorite animals from Fimo themselves. Easy and simple to use, it generally appeals to toddlers who can make pretty creations from an early age. Why not go on a theme like the farm or the zoo and make all the animals to stage!

Macaroon-shaped place cards

An idea that is always a sensation: macaroon place cards that whet an appetite and enhance a table. Macaroons also have the advantage of being simple to make. Also available in photo holders.