Tutorial: a carpet with cork stoppers

Tutorial: a carpet with cork stoppers

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Wine lovers, the tutorial of the day will enchant you! Keep the corks of your bottles and learn how to create this original carpet with corks.


- a bath mat (make sure that one side is non-slip) - cork stoppers (count around 200 stoppers for a 70 x 50 cm mat) - a glue gun - a cutter Budget: around € 10 Duration: 3 hours


1. Start by cutting the caps in half lengthwise with the cutter. It is best to wear work gloves so as not to injure yourself.
2. Place the bath mat on a work surface with the non-slip side on the bottom. You can then start to glue the half caps one by one using the glue gun. Alternate between rows and columns so as not to create an offset.
3. Glue all the caps in the same way.


Very fun, you can easily make this tutorial with children (but in this case be very careful with the glue gun). You can perfectly use this rug in your bathroom, for a truly original recycled decor.

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