Recipe: Basil Tuna Rillettes with Kenwood Multipro Micro

Recipe: Basil Tuna Rillettes with Kenwood Multipro Micro

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Quickly, tonight I have last minute guests for an aperitif and I would like to offer something other than the endless "peanut chips"! Don't panic, all you need is a little imagination and open the cupboard and fridge for the ingredients. For the rest, we have the Multipro Micro, Kenwood's new food processor. In no time, you will be offering a wide range of gourmet recipes that will tantalize your taste buds!

Kenwood Multipro Micro

The Multipro Micro comes to enlarge the family of food preparers from the Kenwood Multipro range. From the microphone, we will understand a compact design and we will keep in mind performance, robustness and speed, like its big brothers in the Multipro range. Its functions: grater, slice and ax / mix . The ideal trio to prepare small starters, salads and aperitif recipes such as Tuna rillettes with basil (because yes, it changes tapenades and guacamole).

The recipe for tuna rillettes

Ingredients : - 300 g of natural tuna in a can - 3 or 4 fresh basil leaves - 2 tablespoon of fresh cream - 1 teaspoon of mustard - ½ squeezed lemon - 2 small Swiss - Salt and pepper Step 1 - Put the 2 blades in the chopper bowl. If you want a coarser result, i.e. less finely chopped, put only the bottom blade. Add the ingredients one by one to the bowl of the chopper already attached to the appliance, in the order of the recipe above.
2nd step - Put on the cover and press the "Press" button in small pulses. This system is very practical because we do everything with one hand, no adjustment. Yes, I know, as the basic mincers will say, but in a more elegant way! Complete the seasoning if necessary.
Step 3 - Pour the preparation obtained in a bowl using the spatula provided with the device.
It only remains to highlight this preparation, because just place the bowl in the middle of the table, very little for me.
You can present the rillettes alone or with vegetables. The tomato, a seasonal vegetable, is perfect: Take a round, firm and not too juicy tomato. Cut it into slices and place a spoonful of rillettes on each. Assemble the slices on top of each other so as to obtain a fresh and natural mini sandwich. You can also choose to fill the stuffed vegetable tomatoes. If you prefer a simpler presentation, pour the rillettes in glasses and enjoy on toasted cornbread or dips-style toast. In summary, this Kenwood Multipro Micro robot is your ideal companion for all your aperitif recipes or in more summery tapas and other ways gourmet recipes to share: tapenade, hummus, guacamole, pesto sauce, tortillas…

Multipro Micro: the accessories

In addition to its 500 ml bowl and its 2 blades, a spatula, the Multipro Micro robot also has an accessory that grates and cuts. With a direct bowl service, he winks at Moulinex Fresh Express or to Salad Maker from Philips . But its head is much less flared, it allows a much more precise service, thus avoiding the random projection of cucumber rings for example!

The verdict

I really enjoyed using the Kenwood Multipro Micro daily. Compared to the competition, the order on the lid, the precise dish service and the speed of execution make it a real asset in the kitchen. Everything is quickly done well, with one hand! In addition, this beautiful object in brushed aluminum is displayed without blushing on the worktop, just like its price elsewhere. A storage box for accessories would be the icing on the cake, but me and my box mania, huh! Kenwood Multipro Micro from 89 euros.